Zebra Z-Perform 2000T Label: 10000281-R

Zebra Z-Perform 2000T Label: 10000281-R
  • Type:  Thermal Transfer
  • Width:  4.00"
  • Length:  6.00"
  • Material:  Paper
  • Adhesive:  Permanent
  • Style:  Label
  • Color:  White
  • Single Roll or Case:  Single Roll
  • Compatible Printer:  TSC ME Series, TSC TTP-2410M, TSC TTP-246M, TSC TTP-246M Plus, TSC TTP-268M, Zebra 110Xi4, Zebra 140Xi4, Zebra 170Xi4, Zebra 220Xi4, Zebra 2746e, Zebra TLP 2746, Zebra ZT230, Zebra ZT220, Zebra ZT200 Series, Zebra 105SL Plus, Zebra Z-Perform, Zebra S600, Zebra Z4M Plus, Zebra Z6M Plus, Zebra 105SL, Zebra 110XiIIIPlus, Zebra 140XiIIIPlus, Zebra 170XiIIIPlus, Zebra 220XiIIIPlus, Zebra Z4M, Zebra Z6M, Zebra 105Se, Zebra S4M, Zebra ZM400, Zebra ZM600


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Also Known As: ZEB-10000281RZEB-10000281R