Frick Slimflex Laundry RFID Tags

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Frick Slimflex Laundry (mfg# WF-SM-6B5900)

Frick Slimflex Laundry RFID Tag: WF-SM-6B5900

HID Global's SlimFlex Laundry tags withstand the chemical exposure and high temperatures of repeated commercial washing, drying and pressing cycles, as well as medical-grade sterilization procedures. The small, thin, flexible white strip-shaped tag can be discreetly sewn into the hem of clothing or linens, unnoticeable to users during everyday operations. With a long read range of up to 8.2 ft. (2.5 m), SlimFlex Laundry tags enable automated sorting, inventory and accounting for commercial cleaners, and improved tracking and infection control processes for health care linens and supplies Minimum order quantity of 5000

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