MagTek iDynamo Card Readers

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MagTek iDynamo (mfg# 21073131-90134300)

MagTek iDynamo Card Reader: 21073131-90134300

Lightning Connector, Sterling Prod Scra Key, iOS Devices iPad 4, iPhone 5, iPad Mini, Etc

MagTek iDynamo (mfg# 21073131CER)

MagTek iDynamo Card Reader: 21073131CER

5, custom Cerner key, sec level 3

MagTek iDynamo (mfg# CARD-READER)

MagTek iDynamo Card Reader: CARD-READER

Secure Card Reader for Lightning Connector Apple iPhone, iPod, and iPad Devices, Requires Reverse DNS, Bundleseed ID and Key.

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