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Zebra ZQ520 (mfg# ZQ52-AUN0100-00)

Zebra ZQ520 Barcode Label Printer: ZQ52-AUN0100-00

4" Mobile Printer - Direct thermal - Bluetooth - Wi-Fi - 203 dpi - Near Field Communication - Andoriod/Windows Mobile/ BlackBerry/Apple iOS compatible

CognitiveTPG DLXi (mfg# DBD24-2085-G1S)

CognitiveTPG DLXi Barcode Label Printer: DBD24-2085-G1S

Desktop Direct thermal Barcode printer, 203 dpi, maximum print width 2.4", Interface Options: USB and Serial, 8MB, North American Power supply and Power cord included.

Zebra 105SL Plus (mfg# 103-801-00000)

Zebra 105SL Plus Barcode Label Printer: 103-801-00000

4.09" Print width - 12.01 in/s Mono - 300 dpi - USB - Serial - Parallel - Ethernet - LCD

Zebra ZT220 (mfg# ZT22042-T01200FZ)

Zebra ZT220 Barcode Label Printer: ZT22042-T01200FZ

4.09" Print width - 6 in/s Mono - 203 dpi - USB - Serial - Ethernet

Intermec PM43c (mfg# PM43CA0100000201)

Intermec PM43c Barcode Label Printer: PM43CA0100000201

4.25" Print width - 12 in/s Mono - 203 dpi - USB - Serial - Ethernet - Touchscreen

Zebra 110Xi4 (mfg# 113-8K1-00000)

Zebra 110Xi4 Barcode Label Printer: 113-8K1-00000

4" Print width - 14 in/s Mono - 300 dpi - Wireless LAN - USB - Serial - Parallel - Ethernet - LCD

Zebra ZD500 (mfg# ZD50043-T01200FZ)

Zebra ZD500 Barcode Label Printer: ZD50043-T01200FZ

Thermal transfer Printer, 300 dpi, 4" print width, USB/RS-232/Parallel/Ethernet Interfaces. Interface cables sold separately.

Zebra ZD420 Health care (mfg# ZD42H42-C01E00EZ)

Zebra ZD420 Health care Barcode Label Printer: ZD42H42-C01E00EZ

Thermal transfer Printer, 4" print width, 203 dpi, USB, Ethernet

Zebra 140Xi4 (mfg# 140-801-00100)

Zebra 140Xi4 Barcode Label Printer: 140-801-00100

5.04" Print width - 14 in/s Mono - 203 dpi - USB - Serial - Parallel - Ethernet - LCD

Zebra ZT410 (mfg# ZT41046-T410000Z)

Zebra ZT410 Barcode Label Printer: ZT41046-T410000Z

Industrial thermal transfer barcode printer, 600 dpi, maximum print width 4", Tear bar and internal label rewind, Interface Options: USB 2.0, RS-232 Serial, 10/100 Ethernet, Bluetooth 2.1, USB Host, EPL 3 and ZPL II programming languages, North America power cord.

Zebra ZT400: ZT420 RFID (mfg# ZT42062-T0100A0Z)

Zebra ZT400: ZT420 RFID Barcode Label Printer: ZT42062-T0100A0Z

Thermal transfer printing, RFID encoding, 203 dpi, 6" print width, USB/RS-232/Ethernet/Bluetooth interfaces

Zebra QLn220 (mfg# QN2-AUCA0M00-00)

Zebra QLn220 Barcode Label Printer: QN2-AUCA0M00-00

High-duty cycle label and receipt mobile printer, Max print width 2", Includeds: USB, Smart Battery, Belt Clip, CPCL & ZPL Programming Language, Link-OS Environment, LCD Screen, Bluetooth 3.0+Mfi, Ethernet Connectivity and 128MB/256MB Memory.

TSC 99-147A031-00LF

TSC 99-147A031-00LF Barcode Label Printer

Barcode Label Printer
TTP-2410MT, PRINTER, 203 dpi, 14 ips, 8.2OD, TOUCH LCD, INTERNAL Ethernet, USB, Serial, Parallel, USB HOST

Zebra ZT230 (mfg# ZT23042-D31000FZ)

Zebra ZT230 Barcode Label Printer: ZT23042-D31000FZ

Direct thermal printing, 203 dpi, 4" print width, Serial and USB Interfaces, Peeler with Liner Take-Up, and US Power cord. Cables sold separately.

SATO CL408NX (mfg# WWCL00261)

SATO CL408NX Barcode Label Printer: WWCL00261

Base Configuration, with Dispenser

Datamax O Neil I-4212E (mfg# I12-00-08900007)

Datamax O Neil I-4212E Barcode Label Printer: I12-00-08900007

Direct thermal printing, 203 dpi, Serial, Parallel, and USB interfaces, Peeler, Real-time clock. Cables sold separately. See accessories.

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