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Socket CHS 7Ci (mfg# CX2870-1409)

Socket CHS 7Ci Barcode Scanner: CX2870-1409

Wireless - 5 scan/s - 20" Scan Distance - 1D - Imager - Linear - Bluetooth - Gray

Socket CHS 7Ci (mfg# SOC2870-2559)

Socket CHS 7Ci Barcode Scanner: SOC2870-2559

Standard Case, 1D Linear Imager, Bluetooth v2.1, HID, SPP. Cradle not included (Part# AC4054-1381). Works with Apple iOS (iPad, iPhone, iPod) and Android.

Motorola RS419 Ring Scanner (mfg# RS419-HP2000FLR)

Motorola RS419 Ring Scanner Barcode Scanner: RS419-HP2000FLR

Cable - 116 scan/s1D - Laser - Bi-directional

Intermec SR61B Laser (mfg# SR61BL-CB-001)

Intermec SR61B Laser Barcode Scanner: SR61BL-CB-001

1D Laser Scanner Kit - Corded - Includes Battery - Includes Charge Base - Includes Power supply

Unitech MS100 (mfg# MS100-NUCB00-SG)

Unitech MS100 Barcode Scanner: MS100-NUCB00-SG

Pen Scanner - USB - Color: Gray

Wasp WPS200 (mfg# 633808121730)

Wasp WPS200 Barcode Scanner: 633808121730

Cable - 7" Scan Distance - 1D, 2D - Imager - Omnidirectional

CipherLab 1166 Bluetooth (mfg# A1166RSC00122)

CipherLab 1166 Bluetooth Barcode Scanner: A1166RSC00122


Socket Cordless Hand Scanner 7Pi (mfg# CX2874-1413)

Socket Cordless Hand Scanner 7Pi Barcode Scanner: CX2874-1413

Wireless - 5 scan/s - 45" Scan Distance - 1D - Laser - Bi-directional - Bluetooth - Gray

Datalogic Magellan 2300HS (mfg# M230B-00101-00000R)

Datalogic Magellan 2300HS Barcode Scanner: M230B-00101-00000R

Cable - 6" Scan Distance - 1D - Single Line

Intermec SR61T Laser (mfg# SR61TL-002)

Intermec SR61T Laser Barcode Scanner: SR61TL-002

Cable - Laser - Omnidirectional

Socket CHS 7Qi (mfg# CX3308-1528)

Socket CHS 7Qi Barcode Scanner: CX3308-1528

Wireless - 15.98" Scan Distance - 1D, 2D - Imager - Omnidirectional - Bluetooth - Gray

Unitech MS916 (mfg# MS916-8UBBAA-SG)

Unitech MS916 Barcode Scanner: MS916-8UBBAA-SG

Companion Scanner - Cordless - Bluetooth - 1D Laser Scanner - USB cable - Power supply - Compatible with Apple iOS and Android devices

CipherLab 1660 Pocket Bluetooth (mfg# A1660SGS00001)

CipherLab 1660 Pocket Bluetooth Barcode Scanner: A1660SGS00001

Bluetooth/Memory - 1D CCD Scanner - 2 AAA batteries - Scanmaster software - Apple iOS (iPhone, iPad, iPod) and Android Compatible

Unitech MS926 (mfg# MS926-UUBBAA-SG)

Unitech MS926 Barcode Scanner: MS926-UUBBAA-SG

Wireless Pocket Scanner, 2D Imager, Bluetooth, 2MB Memory. Includes USB cable and power adapter.

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