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Motorola DS9208 (mfg# DS9208-SR4NNR01A)

Motorola DS9208 Barcode Scanner: DS9208-SR4NNR01A

Cable1D, 2D - LED - Imager - Omnidirectional - Black

Honeywell Granit 1280i (mfg# 1280IFR-3SER)

Honeywell Granit 1280i Barcode Scanner: 1280IFR-3SER

Serial Kit - Long Range 1D Laser Scanner - Corded - Rugged - FR Focus - Color: Red - Includes Serial Cable (3 Meters)

Motorola LI4278 (mfg# LI4278-SR7R0110SRN)

Motorola LI4278 Barcode Scanner: LI4278-SR7R0110SRN

Serial Kit - Cordless - 1D Linear Imager - Charging and Communication cradle - USB cable - Power supply - Color: Black

Datalogic Gryphon I GM4100 (mfg# GM4130-BK-910K2)

Datalogic Gryphon I GM4100 Barcode Scanner: GM4130-BK-910K2

RS-232 Serial kit, 910 MHz. Includes base unit, serial cable and power supply. Color: Black.

Datalogic PowerScan PD9530 (mfg# PD9530-K2)

Datalogic PowerScan PD9530 Barcode Scanner: PD9530-K2

RS-232 Kit, 2D Imager. Includes RS-232 cable.

Datalogic Gryphon I GBT4100 (mfg# GBT4130-BK-BTK2)

Datalogic Gryphon I GBT4100 Barcode Scanner: GBT4130-BK-BTK2

RS-232 Kit, Linear Imager. Includes Base/Charger, RS-232 cable, and power supply. Color: Black. Requires line cord (Part# 90ACC1886).

Intermec SR61THP (mfg# SR61THP-SER002)

Intermec SR61THP Barcode Scanner: SR61THP-SER002

Cable1D, 2D - Imager - Omnidirectional

Datalogic PowerScan PBT9500-HP (mfg# PBT9500-HPRBK20US)

Datalogic PowerScan PBT9500-HP Barcode Scanner: PBT9500-HPRBK20US

Cordless 2D Imager - RS-232 Kit- High Performance Liquid Lens - Includes base, RS-232 cable, and power supply.

Datalogic PowerScan PM9500 (mfg# PM9500-910RBK20)

Datalogic PowerScan PM9500 Barcode Scanner: PM9500-910RBK20

RS-232 Kit - 2D Imager - Cordless - Includes Cradle (Part# BC9030-910) - Includes Removable Battery - Includes Power supply (Part# 8-0935) -Includes US Power cord (Part# 6003-0941) - Includes RS-232 cable (Part# CAB-433)

Datalogic PowerScan PBT9500 (mfg# PBT9500-RBK20US)

Datalogic PowerScan PBT9500 Barcode Scanner: PBT9500-RBK20US

Serial Kit - Cordless - 2D imager - Charging and Communication base - RS-232 cable - Power supply - Line cord

Datalogic Gryphon I GBT4430 (mfg# GBT4430-BK-BTK2)

Datalogic Gryphon I GBT4430 Barcode Scanner: GBT4430-BK-BTK2

Serial Kit - 2D Imager - Cordless - Color: Black - Includes Base/Charger (Part# BC4030-BK) - Includes Power supply (Part# 8-0935) - Includes RS-232 Cable (Part# 90G001070)

Unitech MS250 (mfg# MS250-CRCB00-DG)

Unitech MS250 Barcode Scanner: MS250-CRCB00-DG

Linear Imager, RS-232, Slate Blue - (Power Adapter Sold Separately)

Datalogic PowerScan PM9300 (mfg# PM9300-910RBK20)

Datalogic PowerScan PM9300 Barcode Scanner: PM9300-910RBK20

RS-232 Kit, 910 MHz, Removable Battery (Kit inc. PM9300-910RB Scanner, BC9030-910 Base, US Power Brick/Cord, CAB-433 Cable.)

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