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MagTek MICRSafe (mfg# 22551002)

MagTek MICRSafe Card Reader: 22551002

E13-B, CMC-7 FontTriple Track MSR

IDTech Omni Barcode Reader (mfg# WCR3237-600US)

IDTech Omni Barcode Reader Card Reader: WCR3237-600US

Heavy Duty Slot Reader (Barcode Reader Only with Visible Red and USB Interface)

UIC MSR213E (mfg# MSR213E-33AUKNR)

UIC MSR213E Card Reader: MSR213E-33AUKNR


IDTech MiniMag 2 (mfg# IDMB-335133B)

IDTech MiniMag 2 Card Reader: IDMB-335133B

USB, Black, HID, Reads tracks 1, 2, & 3. Includes USB cable.

ELO E628912

ELO E628912 Card Reader

Card Reader
Triple Track - 50 in/s - Black

MagTek uDynamo (mfg# 21073092)

MagTek uDynamo Card Reader: 21073092

mobile headphone jack device, Triple DES or AES encry

IDTech MiniMag 2 (mfg# IDMB-334102B)

IDTech MiniMag 2 Card Reader: IDMB-334102B

(USB - Keyboard Emulation, Track 2) - Color: Black

MagTek MiniUSB Stripe Reader (mfg# 21040103)

MagTek MiniUSB Stripe Reader Card Reader: 21040103

Card - Dual Track 1 & 2 - USB - White

MagTek Dynamag (mfg# 21073062 SEC3)

MagTek Dynamag Card Reader: 21073062 SEC3

USB, Black, Keyboard Emulation, MagneSafe 2.0 Security 3.0, Reads tracks 1,2, and 3. Includes USB cable. Minimum Order Quantity: 50. MUST BE INJECTED WITH CUSTOMER'S SECURITY KEY.

IDTech MiniMag Duo (mfg# IDMB-355133)

IDTech MiniMag Duo Card Reader: IDMB-355133

USB-HID, Tracks 1, 2, & 3. Color: White.

IDTech MiniMag 2 (mfg# IDMB-336133B)

IDTech MiniMag 2 Card Reader: IDMB-336133B

USB, Black, CDC, Reads tracks 1, 2, & 3, No Beep. Includes USB cable.

RF IDeas pcSwipe Enroll (mfg# MS3-00M1AKU)

RF IDeas pcSwipe Enroll Card Reader: MS3-00M1AKU

Magstripe 3 track Black USB Reader

IDTech SecureMag MagStripe Reader (mfg# IDRE-335133B)

IDTech SecureMag MagStripe Reader Card Reader: IDRE-335133B

(USB, HID, 3-Track, Encrypted) - Color: Black

IDTech MiniMag Duo (mfg# IDMB-354133BX)

IDTech MiniMag Duo Card Reader: IDMB-354133BX

USB-Keyboard Emulation, Tracks 1, 2, & 3, Bottom Cable Exit. Color: Black.

IDTech IDSR-335133TEB

IDTech IDSR-335133TEB Card Reader

Card Reader
SecuRED PCI SRED MagStripe Swipe Reader

IDTech MiniMag Duo (mfg# IDMB-354133BM)

IDTech MiniMag Duo Card Reader: IDMB-354133BM

tracks 1, 2, & 3, USB interface. Includes USB cable. Color: black.

Unitech MSR120 Programmable Reader (mfg# MSR120B-33UE)

Unitech MSR120 Programmable Reader Card Reader: MSR120B-33UE

Magnetic Stripe Reader, Triple Track, USB (with RS-232 Emulation), Black

IDTech MiniMag 2 (mfg# IDMB-334112)

IDTech MiniMag 2 Card Reader: IDMB-334112

Swipe Reader (Tracks 1 and 2 with USB-Keyboard Interface)

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