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Datalogic Gryphon GFS4400 (mfg# GFS4470)

Datalogic Gryphon GFS4400 Fixed Scanner: GFS4470

Cable1D, 2D - Imager - Omnidirectional

Datalogic Gryphon GFS4100 (mfg# GFS4170)

Datalogic Gryphon GFS4100 Fixed Scanner: GFS4170

Cable - 320 scan/s1D - LED - CCD

Microscan MS-4 Imager (mfg# FIS-0004-0003G)

Microscan MS-4 Imager Fixed Scanner: FIS-0004-0003G

Standard Density Imager, Standard USB, Cable Included

Datalogic Matrix 210 (mfg# 937501039)

Datalogic Matrix 210 Fixed Scanner: 937501039

- WVGA-MED-90-25P-ST - Priced Per Unit - 2 Week Lead Time

Microscan MS-4X (mfg# FIS-0004-2001G)

Microscan MS-4X Fixed Scanner: FIS-0004-2001G

IMAGER, Standard Density, XMODE, RS-232 Interface, 5 volts DC

Microscan MS-4X (mfg# FIS-0004-2003G)

Microscan MS-4X Fixed Scanner: FIS-0004-2003G

IMAGER, Standard Density, XMODE, USB Interface, 5 Volts DC

Microscan MS-4X (mfg# FIS-0004-2005G)

Microscan MS-4X Fixed Scanner: FIS-0004-2005G

IMAGER, Standard Density, XMODE, USB+I/O Interface, 5 Volts DC

Microscan MS-4X (mfg# FIS-0004-2006G)

Microscan MS-4X Fixed Scanner: FIS-0004-2006G

IMAGER, Low Density, XMODE, USB+I/O Interface, 5 Volts DC

Newland FM100 (mfg# FM100-M-U)

Newland FM100 Fixed Scanner: FM100-M-U

1D Fixed Mount Scanner with USB cable, New Version.

Newland FM430 (mfg# FM430L-U)

Newland FM430 Fixed Scanner: FM430L-U

2D Megapixel Fixed Mount Scanner, 2-IR Sensors, Adv. Data Formatting, White Illumination, Trigger Button, 2m USB cable.

Newland FM3051 (mfg# FM3051-20)

Newland FM3051 Fixed Scanner: FM3051-20

2D Fixed Mounted Scanner, USB cable.

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