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Bosch DS938Z (mfg# DS938Z)

Bosch DS938Z Motion Detector: DS938Z

18 ft. Operating Range - 360° Viewing Angle

Bosch DS9370 Series (mfg# DS9370)

Bosch DS9370 Series Motion Detector: DS9370

25 ft. Operating Range - 360° Viewing Angle

Bosch DS720i Series (mfg# DS720I)

Bosch DS720i Series Motion Detector: DS720I

PIR-300 feet with mW 10.525 GHz


DSC DM-W Motion Detector

Motion Detector
Wall-mount bracket

Interlogix AP669 (mfg# AP669)

Interlogix AP669 Motion Detector: AP669

Mirror Optic PIR, Ceiling mount, Two 180 mirror segments


DSC AMB-300 Motion Detector

Motion Detector
Addressable passive infrared detector with built-in tamper switch, interchangeable lens, based on Bravo 3 motion detector.

Bosch Accessories (mfg# ISC-PDL1-W18G)

Bosch Accessories Motion Detector: ISC-PDL1-W18G

10 ft. Operating Range - White

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