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Impinj Threshold (mfg# IPJ-A0311-USA)

Impinj Threshold RFID Antenna: IPJ-A0311-USA

UHF RFID Antenna - Outdoor - Far Field - Linear Polarization - 5 dBiL - FCC - Includes 7' SMA to R-TNC Cable

Impinj Mini Guardrail (mfg# IPJ-A0303-000)

Impinj Mini Guardrail RFID Antenna: IPJ-A0303-000

UHF RFID Antenna - Indoor - Near Field - Linear Polarization -13 dBA/m - Cable Sold Separately

Impinj GPIO Adapter (mfg# IPJ-A6051-000)

Impinj GPIO Adapter RFID Antenna: IPJ-A6051-000

- For Speedway Antenna Hub - Supports 4 x Antenna Hubs on One Reader

Impinj Brickyard (mfg# IPJ-A0400-USA)

Impinj Brickyard RFID Antenna: IPJ-A0400-USA

Reader Antenna (FCC) (11.6" diam., 2.3" deep) with 7 ft. pigtail cable.

Impinj Guardwall (mfg# IPJ-A0402-USA)

Impinj Guardwall RFID Antenna: IPJ-A0402-USA

Near Field Panel Antenna (FCC) (27.5 x 15.7 x 3.9 inch) with integrated 6 ft. cable.

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