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APC P6B Surge Protector

Surge Protector
Receptacles: 6 x NEMA 5-15R - 490J

APC Home-Office SurgeArrest (mfg# P8T3)

APC Home-Office SurgeArrest Surge Protector: P8T3

Receptacles: 8 x NEMA 5-15R - 1750J

Tripp Lite TLP606B

Tripp Lite TLP606B Surge Protector

Surge Protector
Receptacles: 6 x NEMA 5-15R - 790J


DITEK DTK-MRJPOE Surge Protector

Surge Protector
Power over Ethernet Surge Protection (RJ45 Connector CAT5E)

ITW Linx towerMAX 4 KSU (mfg# M4KSU)

ITW Linx towerMAX 4 KSU Surge Protector: M4KSU

4 Transformer Spaced AC Outlets, 15 Amps, SurgeGate Plus Auto-Resetting Technology, Wall or Floor Mount, towerMAX Module Capable


APC PNET1GB Surge Protector

Surge Protector
ProtectNet (with Gigabit Protection)

APC LE1200

APC LE1200 Surge Protector

Surge Protector


DITEK DTK-8FF Surge Protector: DTK-8FF

Surge Suppressor (8 Outlet Strip, 6 ft. Cord with In/Out RJ11 Module)

ITW Linx MGBSGL-1 (mfg# MGBSGL-1)

ITW Linx MGBSGL-1 Surge Protector: MGBSGL-1

ULTRALINX 25 pair ground bar with 1 ground screw LUG

ITW Linx Universal Circuit Card (mfg# CC-CAT5-235)

ITW Linx Universal Circuit Card Surge Protector: CC-CAT5-235

CAT5e Replacement Circuit Card (4 ML25-CAT5-235, In Sets of 5)

ITW Linx towerMAX DS-25 (mfg# MDS25)

ITW Linx towerMAX DS-25 Surge Protector: MDS25

- Protection for 25 digital telephone station lines. Twenty-five lines protected, RJ-21X connectors (male in-female out). Pins 1-50 protected.

DITEK DTK-PVP27B Protector (mfg# DTK-PVP27B)

DITEK DTK-PVP27B Protector Surge Protector: DTK-PVP27B

Connector (Fixed Camera 24VDC/Coax BNC Connector)


APC LE600 Surge Protector

Surge Protector
110V AC 600VA