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Ruckus ZoneFlex R710 (mfg# 901-R710-US00)

Ruckus ZoneFlex R710 Wireless Access Point: 901-R710-US00

Dual-Band, 802.11ac Wave 2 Access Point, 4x4: 4 Streams, BeamFlex+, Dual Ports, 802.3af PoE, US

Motorola AP 7522 (mfg# AP-7522-67030-US)

Motorola AP 7522 Wireless Access Point: AP-7522-67030-US

802.11ac - Dual Radio - Mesh - Internal Antenna - Indoor - 867 Mbps Data Transfer Rate

Ruckus ZoneFlex R500 (mfg# 901-R500-US00)

Ruckus ZoneFlex R500 Wireless Access Point: 901-R500-US00

802.11ac High Performance Mid-Range, MIMO 2X2: 2 MIMO, Smart Wi-Fi Access Points with Adaptive Antenna

Motorola AP 7522 (mfg# AP-7522-67040-US)

Motorola AP 7522 Wireless Access Point: AP-7522-67040-US

Dual Radio 802.11ac 2x2 External Antenna US SKU

Ruckus ZoneFlex R700 (mfg# 901-R700-US00)

Ruckus ZoneFlex R700 Wireless Access Point: 901-R700-US00

Dual-band 802.11a/b/gn/ac Wireless Access Point, 3x3: 3 streams, BeamFlex+, dual ports, 802.3af PoE support. Does not include power adapter or PoE injector.

Motorola AP 7532 (mfg# AP-7532-67030-US)

Motorola AP 7532 Wireless Access Point: AP-7532-67030-US

Dual Radio, 802.11ac, 3x3, Internal Antenna, US

Motorola AP 7532 (mfg# AP-7532-67040-US)

Motorola AP 7532 Wireless Access Point: AP-7532-67040-US

Dual Radio, 802.11ac, 3x3:, External Antenna (Sold Separately), US

Ruckus ZoneFlex R600 (mfg# 901-R600-US00)

Ruckus ZoneFlex R600 Wireless Access Point: 901-R600-US00

802.11ac High Performance Mid-Range, MIMO 3X3: 3 MIMO, Smart Wi-Fi Access Points with Adaptive Antenna.

Ruckus ZoneFlex H500 (mfg# 901-H500-US00)

Ruckus ZoneFlex H500 Wireless Access Point: 901-H500-US00

ZoneFlex 802.11ac Wired / Wall Switch - Power Separate

Cisco RV110W (mfg# RV110W-A-NA-K9)

Cisco RV110W Wireless Access Point: RV110W-A-NA-K9

5 Port - Fast Ethernet - Wireless LAN IEEE 802.11n

Ruckus ZoneFlex T300 (mfg# 901-T300-WW01)

Ruckus ZoneFlex T300 Wireless Access Point: 901-T300-WW01

Outdoor 802.11AC Access Point. PoE Injector sold separately.

Ubiquiti Networks UAP-Pro-3(US)

Ubiquiti Networks UAP-Pro-3(US) Wireless Access Point

Wireless Access Point
UniFi AP, Professional 3-Pack US VERSION

Ruckus ZoneFlex R310 (mfg# 9U1-R310-US02)

Ruckus ZoneFlex R310 Wireless Access Point: 9U1-R310-US02

Unleashed Dual-Band 802.11ac US 2X2: 2 Indoor Access Point

Ruckus ZoneFlex R300 (mfg# 901-R300-WW02)

Ruckus ZoneFlex R300 Wireless Access Point: 901-R300-WW02

Worldwide 2x2: 2 Indoor Access Point. Power sold separately.

Wasp 633808920500

Wasp 633808920500 Wireless Access Point

Wireless Access Point
Unifi Access Point 1 Pack

Ubiquiti Networks UAP-LR(US)

Ubiquiti Networks UAP-LR(US) Wireless Access Point

Wireless Access Point
UniFi Access Point, Long Range single unit. The UniFi AP uses a clean industrial design that seamlessly blends into typical environments. The AP''s are feature the latest in Wi-Fi 802.11n MIMO technology. All accessories are included to mount the devices either on the wall or ceilings. Also included is Power Over Ethernet (POE) functionality which allows both power and data to be carried over a single Ethernet cable to the device. US VERSION

Aruba RAP-3 (mfg# JW297A)

Aruba RAP-3 Wireless Access Point: JW297A

4G - 2.48 GHz ISM Band - 2 x Antenna - 300 Mbps Wireless Speed - 3 x Network Port - USB - PoE Ports - Fast Ethernet - No Desktop, Wall Mountable

Ruckus ZoneFlex 7782 (mfg# 901-7782-US01)

Ruckus ZoneFlex 7782 Wireless Access Point: 901-7782-US01

7782 US 11n dual band outdoor AP 3x3: 3. Requires the purchase of WatchDog Support.

Aerohive Networks AP1130 (mfg# AH-AP-1130-AC-FCC)

Aerohive Networks AP1130 Wireless Access Point: AH-AP-1130-AC-FCC


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