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Groovv Register Compatible Hardware

Groovv Register is the new, powerfully simple point of sale solution built for merchants like you. Available on a tablet, an all-in-one POS solution or a mobile device, Groovv Register replaces traditional cash registers and credit card terminals to help you make sales more efficiently. Now you can easily access key information, so you can grow and manage your business better than ever. Groovv's point of sale and marketing solutions are built to do much more than take payments - they help keep your business looking and running great. You'll make sales more easily, see the information that helps you make your business more profitable and easily create marketing promotions that increase loyalty and repeat sales – all with the support of a partner who's totally committed to your success. Groovv has a variety of payment options to help you accept any card type easily, affordably and securely. You can integrate your payment processing with Groovv Register, or if you require a terminal or web-based solution, we have that too. Groovv Payments is perfect for any way you work: at the counter, on the floor, on the go or on the web. The peripherals below is compatible with our latest standard hardware. If you have an older equipment or non-Groovv provided equipment, please contact 1-855-839-7277 for additional assistance prior placing your order. For assistance with the order Please contact Kyle Cousins with any questions.

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