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RFID Tag: UHF, HF, LF, Passive, and Active Tags

We offer RFID tags in all shapes and sizes. We have RFID tags that fit every environment including extreme temperatures or unique surfaces and materials. Our selection includes tags for UHF, HF and LF frequencies. We offer RFID laundry tags, metal mount RFID tags, customized RFID tags, rugged RFID tags, and many other RFID tag variations. Please call one of our experts to ensure the RFID tags are compatible with your RFID readers and software.

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  1. rf IDEAS RFID Tag
    Part #: BDG-FPKEY | SKU: RF 182985

    Indala Proximity, Indala FlexKey Keyfob 26 bit FC45. 100 unit minimum order.
    Price: $14.28
    In Stock
  2. rf IDEAS RFID Tags
    Part #: BDG-FOB-MIFARE-1K | SKU: RF 258357

    MIFARE 1K Keyfob Blue
    Price: $11.74
    In Stock
  3. InfinID V-Tag INF-VT100-G RFID Tag
    Part #: INF-VT100-G | SKU: INF529854

    V-Tag, Smart Gateway
    MSRP: $249.00 Price: $210.00
  4. Omni-ID RFID Tags RFID Tag
    Part #: EXO-200-TAG | SKU: OMN227318

    Exo 200, Best Uses: Tool tracking. Attachment to fixed and mobile industrial equipment. Industrial Production Tooling. Mimimum order quantity of 10.
    Price: $13.98
  5. Xerafy MicroX II RFID Tag
    Part #: X1130-US100-H3 | SKU: XER381037

    MicroX II, US frequency, built-in rivet hole, nylon polymer casing, Alien Higgs-3 IC, Pack of 200 tags.
    MSRP: $874.00 Price: $737.10
  6. Invengo RFID Tags RFID Tag
    Part #: XCTF-8102-DUAL-ADHESIVE-FACE | SKU: INV226919

    Tome, UHF Labels/Cards, size: 95x5.5 mm (3.7x0.22in), Dual Adhesive Face. Minimum order quantity of 2500.
    Price: $10.14
  7. InfinID V-Tag INF-VT100-A6 RFID Tag
    Part #: INF-VT100-A6 | SKU: INF529850

    V-Tag, Asset Tag, 6-YEAR Battery
    MSRP: $35.00 Price: $34.50
  8. Omron V680S RFID Tag
    Part #: V680-D1KP52MT | SKU: 665293

    8mm da 1kb Tag metal
    Price: $21.95
  9. Omni-ID RFID Tags RFID Tag
    Part #: FIT-210-TAG | SKU: OMN227325

    Fit 210, Best Uses: Tool tracking including wrenches and ratchets. Metal IT assets. Embedding into equipment at point of manufacture. Mimimum order quantity of 10.
    Price: $13.49
  10. Omni-ID RFID Tags RFID Tag
    Part #: MAX-SQ-D-TAG | SKU: OMN227340

    Max SQ-D, Best Uses: Heavy Industry RTI and asset tracking including, Construction, automotive and chemical industries. Mimimum order quantity of 10.
    Price: $12.84

1 to 10 of 392 Total

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