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RFID Tag: UHF, HF, LF, Passive, and Active Tags

We offer RFID tags in all shapes and sizes. We have RFID tags that fit every environment including extreme temperatures or unique surfaces and materials. Our selection includes tags for UHF, HF and LF frequencies. We offer RFID laundry tags, metal mount RFID tags, customized RFID tags, rugged RFID tags, and many other RFID tag variations. Please call one of our experts to ensure the RFID tags are compatible with your RFID readers and software.

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  1. InfinID V-Tag INF-VT100-G RFID Tag
    Part #: INF-VT100-G | SKU: INF529854

    V-Tag, Smart Gateway
    MSRP: $249.00 Price: $210.00
  2. Xerafy MicroX II RFID Tag
    Part #: X1130-US100-H3 | SKU: XER381037

    MicroX II, US frequency, built-in rivet hole, nylon polymer casing, Alien Higgs-3 IC, Pack of 200 tags.
    MSRP: $874.00 Price: $737.10
  3. Xerafy Titanium Metal Skin RFID Tag
    Part #: X5020-US100-M5 | SKU: XER381051

    Titanium Metal Skin, US frequency, Titanium label, Impinj M5 IC, thermal transfer face-stock, high-temp adhesive, Pack of 500 labels.
    MSRP: $320.50 Price: $269.88
  4. Xerafy Data Trak II RFID Tag
    Part #: X0330-US011-M4 | SKU: XER381045

    Data Trak II, US frequency, high performance adhesive, built-in tethering hole, Impinj M4, Pack of 200 tags.
    MSRP: $194.00 Price: $163.61
  5. Xerafy Slim Trak RFID Tag
    Part #: X0320-GL001-H3 | SKU: XER381047

    Slim Trak, Global frequency, high performance adhesive, temperature resistant, Alien H3, Pack of 100 tags.
    MSRP: $406.00 Price: $330.12
  6. Zebra R110xi Barcode Labels
    Part #: | SKU: ZEBmodel-4129

    Labels compatible with the R110xi.
  7. Zebra R170xi Thermal Barcode Label
    Part #: | SKU: ZEBmodel-4137

    Labels compatible with the R170xi.
  8. Zebra R4M Plus Thermal Barcode Label
    Part #: | SKU: ZEBmodel-4189

    Labels compatible with the R4M Plus.
  9. Zebra RZ400 Thermal Barcode Label
    Part #: | SKU: ZEBmodel-13081

  10. Zebra RFID Labels RFID Label
    Part #: | SKU: ZEBmodel-4160

    We offer a broad range of Zebra smart media supplies for RFID printers and encoders for a wide variety of RFID applications and environments, including custom tag inlay placement designed for the needs of your specific RFID printing/encoding application. Many of the Zebra labels and ribbons used in traditional barcode printing are also available for use in RFID smart label printing applications. Call us for more information.

1 to 10 of 377 Total

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