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Cherry Keyboard

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  1. Cherry G84-4100 Keyboards
    Part #: | SKU: model-194

    The G84-4100 is a Notebook size keyboard featuring 83 key layout (with full 101 key functionality). Optional features include black or gray finish and multiple languages to choose from.
  2. Cherry G84-5500 Keyboards
    Part #: | SKU: model-16979

    The G84-5500 is a slim, compact keyboard with integrated Touchpad. Gold Crosspoint keyswitches ensure operational reliability and durability. For industrial applications, in IT, Point of Sale and medical facilities. Easy installation and fixation in kiosks and keyboard drawers.
  3. Cherry G80-1800 Keyboards
    Part #: | SKU: model-16975

    The G80-1800 is popular 16 inch compact designed PC keyboard and is perfect for space-saving applications and maximum key switch longevity requirements.
  4. Cherry G80-11900 Keyboards
    Part #: | SKU: model-185

    Ideal for locations where space is a premium and durability a must, the Cherry G80-11900 features an integrated trackpad and two mouse buttons, saving vital space generally wasted by a mouse. With a 50,000,000 actuation lifespan per key, the G80-11900 is built to last.
  5. Cherry G84-4700 Keyboards
    Part #: | SKU: model-196

    The G84-4700 is a notebook size (21 key) numeric keypad featuring 4 relegendable keys, full programmability, 4 operating modes, and an external port for keyboard interface. Optional features include Beige or Gray finish.
  6. Cherry G86-61400 SPOS Keyboards
    Part #: | SKU: model-199

    The new G86-61400 SPOS keyboard from Cherry features 135 fully programmable keys with 54 relegendable keys and a full QWERTY key layout plus a 1, 2 and 3-track magnetic stripe reader in a compact 14-inch size, combining space efficiency with uncompromised alphanumeric data entry flexibility. The G86-61400 SPOS offers plug and play configuration for all common POS features plus unique function enhancement via the 'Cherry Tools' programming software. With quick product set-up and program configuration, including remote installation, your point-of-sale applications will transfer seamlessly.
  7. Cherry G86-71400 LPOS Keyboards
    Part #: | SKU: model-202

    The G86-71400 LPOS features an enhanced key layout for POS and commercial applications. These are fully programmable and provide uncompromised alphanumeric data entry. G86-71400 LPOS offer plug and play configuration for all common POS features and unique function enhancement via 'Cherry Tools' virtual programming. The 'Cherry Tools' software also allows for quick product set-up and program configuration, including remote installation.
  8. Cherry G86-62400 Industrial Keyboards
    Part #: | SKU: model-16981

    The G86-62400 Industrial is a compact 14" keyboard which combines maximum space efficiency and uncompromised alphanumeric data entry. Has a full QWERTY key layout and has enhanced US109 position key layout. The touchpad ensures easy cursor navigation with minimal desktop surface.
  9. Cherry KC1000 SC Keyboards
    Part #: | SKU: model-16983

    The KC1000 SC combines the benefits of a classic CHERRY office keyboard with the security-related requirements of a security keyboard.
  10. Cherry G86-6340 SPOS Rows and Columns Series Keyboards
    Part #: | SKU: model-201

    The Cherry G86-6340 SPOS Rows and Columns Series features a 144 key Position Matrix in 14" Form Factor for universal key function assignment and a robust product design with IP 54 spill and dust resistant key field for harsh environments.

1 to 10 of 26 Total

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