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Datacard Plastic ID Cards

Datacard Plastic ID Cards

The Plastic ID Cards are the top of the line! Full-PVC composition means a variety of colors, plus smart chips and mag stripes are easily included. Plastic ID Cards are ideal for ID card printing due to their smooth surface. Datacard media is non-returnable. Please Call for details.
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  1. 803094-001 - Datacard Plastic ID Cards

    Blank White PVC Cards, Graphics Quality, CR80-030, 30mil, 500 cards
    Price: $35.00
    In Stock
  2. 809836-001 - Datacard Plastic ID Cards

    Cards, Blank, Rewritable Cards, Blue Print, ISO ID-1 (CR80/.030), Rewritable front and blank PVC back (100/pack). Compatible with the SD160 and SD260 ID Card Printer.
    MSRP: $150.00 Price: $127.50
    In Stock
  3. 597640-001 - Datacard Plastic ID Cards

    Card, StickiCard (TM) Adhesive Back Card, Contains (100) Per Pack
    MSRP: $35.10 Price: $34.11
    In Stock
  4. 803229-034 - Datacard Plastic ID Cards

    CR80-030 with 1-2 inch HI CO Magnetic Stripe, 500 cards per box
    Price: $92.31
    In Stock
  5. 803229-024 - Datacard Plastic ID Cards

    Plastic Card (White PVC, CR80/ 030 with 1/2 inch LOCO Mag Stripe)
    MSRP: $55.00 Price: $52.57
    In Stock
  6. 809836-002 - Datacard Plastic ID Cards

    Cards (Rewriteable ISO ID-1 CR80, Rewrite Font, Mag Back). Compatible with SD160 and SD260 ID Card Printer.
    MSRP: $180.00 Price: $153.00
    Ships in 3-5 Days
  7. 718357 - Datacard

    CR80/030, PVC Graphics, White, Tray, Pack of 500.
    Price: $39.40
    In Stock
  8. 718358 - Datacard

    Card, Plastic, CR80/030, PVC Graphics, White, with 1/2 in. Low Coercivity Magnetic Stripe, Tray, Contains (500) of 803229-024
  9. 809748-001 - Datacard Plastic ID Cards

    Plastic Cards (ISO ID-1 CR80/30 Blank Front/Back, 125 Cards). Compatible with all Datacard ID Card printer.
  10. 718361 - Datacard Plastic ID Cards

    Plastic ID Cards, Card, Plastic, CR80/030, PVC Composite, White, with 1/2 in. High Coercivity Magnetic Stripe, Tray, Pack of 500.

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