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Intermec CK3 Accessories

Intermec CK3 Accessories

Starting at: MSRP: $42.00 Price: $17.13
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  1. 203-989-001 - Intermec 203-989-001

    203-989-001, Ck3X Kit, Protection Boot, Ck3X (Rubber Boot For Ck3X Model), Charcoal Color Use With Or Without Handle (Not Compatible With Holster, Vehicle Holder, Or Snap On Adapters)
    MSRP: $43.26 Price: $33.78
    In Stock
  2. 815-088-001 - Intermec CK3 Accessories

    Holster with Belt - Supports CK3R/CK3X with Scan Handle
    MSRP: $123.73 Price: $90.69
    In Stock
  3. 825-199-001 - Intermec

    Holster, CK3 with Scan Handle (Holster with Belt, supports CK3 with and without scan handle)
    MSRP: $87.45 Price: $58.10
    In Stock
  4. 815-087-001 - Intermec 815-087-001

    815-087-001, Holster, CK3R/CK3X with o Scan Handle
    MSRP: $123.73 Price: $90.69
    In Stock
  5. IN-BH3-33 - Intermec

    Hip holster for the CK3. Left/right hip holster (extra large), with scan handle in softcase.
    MSRP: $186.00 Price: $176.53
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  6. IN-CK3-02 - Intermec

    Hip Holster (without Scan Handle and Belt) for the CK3
  7. TM-HCK3 - Intermec

    CK3 holster, without pistol grip slip in style, with front elastic pocket, snap over belt loop
  8. IN-BH3-03 - Intermec

    Hip holster for the CK3. Left/right hip holster, with scan handle, and belt.
  9. IN-VM3-TOP - Intermec

    Vehicle top mounted bracketed holster, CK3 with scan handle
  10. TM-CCK3-VP-KT - Intermec

    CK3 Voice/Speech Holster Kit (includes adjustable belt, adjustable belt strap, and adjustable leg strap - compatible with all snap-on audio adapters)

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