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Intermec CK3 Handheld Computer

Intermec CK3 Handheld Computer

The Intermec CK3 handheld mobile computer combines best-of-class platform components including the latest Microsoft embedded operating system, Windows Mobile 6.1, along with multi-modal data input options including image capture, revolutionary imager-based scanning, RFID, speech and voice to support a variety of in-premise applications and tasks. The highly flexible functionality of the CK3 enables businesses to improve their operational performance metrics without deploying multiple, dedicated-purpose devices, allowing them to simplify IT support and control operating costs.
  • Built on a robust architecture required to successfully support in-premise applications
  • Highly adaptable to meet ever-changing data capture and communication needs
  • Latest generation of imaging technology for outstanding scanning productivity
  • Loaded with SmartSystems for automatic, remote device management
  • Speech and voice functionality support today"s requirements for increased productivity
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Network Connectivity
  1. Bluetooth (8)
  2. 802.11a/b/g (7)
  3. 802.11 b/g (6)
  4. 802.11g (6)
  5. 802.11a (5)
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Operating System
  1. Windows Mobile 6.1 (6)
  2. Windows Mobile 6.1 Classic (2)
  1. 51 (6)
  2. 38 (2)
  1. CK3BC0M00S100 - Intermec CK3 Handheld Computer

    CK3, B, China Alpha, EX25C, WM6CHS
  2. CK3B20D00E100 - Intermec CK3 Handheld Computer

    Alphanumeric, Linear imgager (EV12), Windows Mobile 6.1, WWE Standard, 802.11a/b/g, Bluetooth. Requires battery: Standard (Part# 318-033-001) or Extended (Part# 318-034-001), see accessories.

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