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Juniper Systems Hand Held Computer

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  1. Juniper Systems Allegro 3 RFID Reader
    Part #: | SKU: JUNmodel-18370

    The Juniper Systems new Allegro 3 is designed for the data-intensive user. With lightning fast processor and powerful Android operating system. The Allegro 3 rugged handheld emerges as the most powerful Allegro yet. It provides a 20 percent increase in speed over its predecessor and exceed military equipment standards to receive a IP68 rating.
  2. Juniper Systems Archer 3 RFID Reader
    Part #: | SKU: JUNmodel-18474

    The Archer 3 Rugged Handheld Mobile Computer blends new technology with time-tested features from the Archer 2 Handheld Mobile Computer. Rugged Handheld to create a powerful new force for efficient mobile data collection. Featuring lightning-fast ARM Cortex processor, Android 7.1 operating system, and ultra-rugged ergonomic design combine to offer users a powerful option for frequent single-handed data entry.
  3. Juniper Systems Allegro 2 RFID Reader
    Part #: | SKU: JUNmodel-14656

    From the carefully selected, textured buttons which click with just the right amount of feedback, to the slope of the contours that mimic so perfectly the shape of the human hand, every last detail of the Allegro 2 was painstakingly honed to provide you with unparalleled speed and precision. The Allegro 2 maintains Juniper Systems" reputation for reliability while offering new features and advancements to make data collection easier than ever.
  4. Juniper Systems Archer 2 Hazloc RFID Reader
    Part #: | SKU: JUNmodel-17480

    Compact and reliable, the Archer 2 speeds the data collection process, while keeping data safe from mishaps and environmental extremes. And now you can work in hazardous locations with the utmost confidence with the Class I, II, or III, Division 2-certified Archer 2, designed to perform safely where explosive gases, liquids, vapors, dusts, or fibers and flyings may be present. So wherever your job takes you, you can trust that the Archer 2 will help you stay safe.
  5. Juniper Systems CP3 RFID Reader
    Part #: | SKU: JUNmodel-18159

    The CP3 from Juniper Systems was designed for all-terrain data collection and communication. Meeting military standards the CP3 has an IP68 rating, making it entirely dustproof, waterproof, and shockproof. The rugged mobile computer includes an ultra-bright large display, an all-day battery life, and exceptional reliability to provide users with the ultimate go-anywhere do-anything smartphone. This allows users to work hard without the worry of a broken mobile device.
  6. Juniper Systems CP3 RFID Reader
    Part #: 28953 | SKU: JUN618000

    The CP3 is an entirely dustproof, waterproof, and shockproof Android device. Its ruggedized design includes an ultra-bright, large display; all-day battery life; and exceptional reliability.
    Price: $650.00

6 Item(s)

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