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model-1534 model-1534 model-1534 Logic Controls

Logic Controls LD9000 LD9000-X Accessories

Logic Controls LD9000 LD9000-X Accessories

LD9000/LD9000-X Pole Display accessories
Starting at: MSRP: $49.00 Price: $15.58
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  1. LD9-BASE-BK - Logic Controls

    Mounting Plate (Black) for the LD9000
    Price: $15.58
    Ship Free
  2. PA-120-7.5 - Logic Controls

    Power supply - 7.5 VAC - Compatible with Bematech LD9000 Customer Pole Display
    Price: $21.16
    Ship Free
  3. LD9-BASE-CM-BK - Logic Controls

    Center Mount Free Standing Base (for LD9000 Series Pole)
    Price: $21.16
    Ship Free
  4. LD9TERM - Logic Controls LD9000 Pole Display Accessories

    LD9000 Pole Display Accessories, Terminator (for the LD9000)
    MSRP: $38.89 Price: $37.90
    Ship Free
  5. LDCABLE-09 - Logic Controls

    Interface Cable with DIN 6F and DB9F Connectors
  6. LDCABLE-25 - Logic Controls

    Interface Cable with DIN 6F and DB25M Connectors
  7. LDTERM - Logic Controls

    Parallel Pass-Thru Terminator, Used to Terminate Peripheral End of Dual Connector When Peripheral is Not Present
  8. LD-PA-120 - Logic Controls

    Power Adapter, 120 VAC
  9. LD-PA-220 - Logic Controls

    Power Adapter, 220 VAC
  10. LD9000-UM - Logic Controls

    LD9000/LD9000-X Pole Display User's Manual

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