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Motorola RFID Antenna

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  1. Zebra FX7500 Accessories
    Part #: | SKU: ZEBmodel-15450

  2. Motorola AN480 RFID Antenna
    Part #: | SKU: MOTmodel-6902

    The Motorola AN480 antenna offers a low axial ratio that delivers a more uniform gain for superior performance. This single port antenna offers the maximum flexibility and performance required to meet the needs of enterprises around the world. Compatible in virtually any global market, Motorola's AN480 can be installed throughout the enterprise in manufacturing and warehouse floor environments or any dock door receiving application.
  3. Motorola AN200 RFID Antenna
    Part #: | SKU: MOTmodel-6905

    The Motorola AN200 RFID antenna can be used reliably in a wide range of indoor and outdoor environments, from the warehouse to the production line to the docking zone. Its rugged design withstands a range of environmental conditions from extreme heat and cold to moisture and vibration, making this antenna ideal for nearly any application. The AN200 Antenna can be used in standard RFID applications at power levels of up to 1 watt and in customized applications at power levels up to 20 watts.
  4. Motorola RFID Antenna Accessories
    Part #: | SKU: MOTmodel-10429

    In combination with Motorola's fixed readers, these efficient antennas deliver high-throughput, high capacity communication, enabling organizations to capture, move and manage critical information to and from every point of business activity.
  5. Motorola AN720 RFID Antenna
    Part #: | SKU: MOTmodel-10433

    The AN720 offer all the features required for both indoor and outdoor environments. A perfect complement to Motorola's FX7400 RFID Reader, the AN720 is extremely compact, offering the aesthetics required for the most discreet installation in the most space constrained areas. The rugged AN720 is impact and vibration resistant, and designed to withstand exposure to rain, snow and extreme temperatures, which makes it ideal for the receiving dock doors or outdoor shopping areas.
  6. Motorola AN600 Series RFID Antenna
    Part #: | SKU: MOTmodel-10436

    Motorola's family of Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) antennas offers the versatility and performance required to meet diverse environmental and application needs "" including customer-facing areas, warehouses and outdoor settings. When used in conjunction with Motorola's fixed RFID readers, these efficient antennas deliver high throughput and high capacity communication, enabling organizations to capture, move and manage critical information for and from every point of business activity.
  7. Motorola AN610 RFID Antenna
    Part #: | SKU: MOTmodel-10437

    The Motorola all purpose AN610.
  8. Motorola AN620 RFID Antenna
    Part #: | SKU: MOTmodel-10438

    When your application calls for a "picture-frame" aesthetic antenna deployment, look to one of the newest ultra-low profile members of the Zebra family - the AN620 slim line antenna. The AN620 features a simple, integrated mounting system that lets it stand just under one-half inch from horizontal or vertical mounting surfaces.
  9. Motorola FX7500 Accessories
    Part #: | SKU: MOTmodel-13631

9 Item(s)

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