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Newland Scanners & Mobile Computing

Newland specializes in products and solutions in the Auto-ID industry. With over 15 years of non-stop research in 2D barcode reading technology, Newland has become a well-known expert in the global market. Newland commits themselves to delivering the best products and services.

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  1. Newland FM430 Fixed Barcode Scanner
    Part #: FM430L-U | SKU: NEW517979

    FM430, 2D Megapixel Fixed Mount Scanner, 2-IR Sensors, Adv. Data Formatting, White Illumination, Trigger Button, 2m USB cable.
    MSRP: $255.00 Price: $227.07
  2. Newland NQuire 1000 Manta II Data Terminal
    Part #: NQuire1000PRW-2C | SKU: NEW582692

    NQuire 1000 Manta II, 10" Color Display, Customer Information Terminal with Megapixel 2D scanner, Android 7.1, Ethernet, Wi-Fi and POE Interfaces, Includes Power supply (Vesa 75 is not included), Interface Cables Sold Separately.
    MSRP: $934.00 Price: $830.50
  3. Newland HR2081 2D Barcode Scanner
    Part #: HR2081-SF | SKU: NEW602947

    2D Handheld Scanner w/ USB Cable, 1D and 2D ( PDF/Data Matrix/QR Code/Aztec, etc.) with Flexible Stand (STD20i-22) - Black
    MSRP: $104.00 Price: $79.16
  4. Newland BS8060 Barcode Scanner
    Part #: BS8060-2T | SKU: NEW517986

    BS8060, 2D Bluetooth Mobile Area Imager Scanner (EM3396), 1D, PDF417, DataMatrix, QRCode, Wireless/Batch, 1Mb, Date & Time.
    MSRP: $274.00 Price: $243.73
  5. Newland HR1150 Plus Barcode Scanner
    Part #: HR1150P-30 | SKU: NEW517871

    HR1150 Plus, 1D Linear Imager Handheld scanner with USB cable, CPU decoding, SMART version, USB/RS-232, Advance Data Formatting, new form factor, Color: Black.
    MSRP: $72.00 Price: $54.86
  6. Newland HR1250 Barcode Scanner
    Part #: HR1250-70 | SKU: NEW517869

    HR1250, 1D Linear Imager Handheld scanner (EM1365C) with USB fixed cable, Chip decoding, Color: Black.
    MSRP: $38.00 Price: $31.00
  7. Newland FM100 Fixed Barcode Scanner
    Part #: FM100-M-U | SKU: NEW517976

    FM100, 1D Fixed Mount Scanner with USB cable, New Version.
    MSRP: $100.00 Price: $88.88
  8. Newland FM3056 Fixed Barcode Scanner
    Part #: FM3056-20 | SKU: NEW517982

    FM3056, 2D Fixed Mounted Scanner, FLUSH reading area, USB cable. Special Order, please call for pricing and lead time.
    MSRP: $287.00 Price: $217.35
  9. Newland HR1250 Accessories
    Part #: STD30i | SKU: NEW517883

    Stand for HR1250, HR1050, HR100, HR1550, HR3250, HR3260, Smart functionality (on scanners with Smart functionality).
    Price: $18.50
  10. Newland HR1150 Plus Accessory
    Part #: CBL030U | SKU: NEW517886

    USB cable, 3m Coiled, EFT Anti-Interference for HR100, HR1050, HR1150, HR200, HR2260, HR1550, HR3250, HR3260, HR3290.
    Price: $23.50

1 to 10 of 194 Total

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