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Tailwind Solutions Mounting Solutions

With 40 years' experience in the card payments industry - technical, marketing, sales, business development and management - the founders identified a gap in the market when it became apparent that payment machines needed to be mounted at point of sale to prevent costly damage to the machine and the cabling and to enable a smooth and consistent check out experience for shoppers. Tailwind was created with the specific intention of designing and manufacturing the best point of sale mounting solutions for card payment devices. Now the company is developing mounting solutions for other point of sale electronic equipment, primarily tablets, which are fast becoming part of the POS equipment routinely used by retailers.

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  1. Tailwind Solutions Accessory
    Part #: CST00134 | SKU: TAI410327

    Ingenico iSC 250 PEDPack
    Price: $21.50
    In Stock
  2. Tailwind Solutions Accessories
    Part #: CST00133 | SKU: TAI410325

    Ingenico iSC 480 PEDPack
    Price: $20.93
  3. Tailwind Solutions Accessories
    Part #: CST00139 | SKU: TAI410329

    Verifone Mx915/925 PEDPack
    Price: $20.93
  4. Tailwind Solutions Accessories
    Part #: CST00121 | SKU: TAI410326

    Verifone VX805 PEDPack
    Price: $21.50
  5. Tailwind Solutions Accessory
    Part #: | SKU: TAImodel-15687

  6. Tailwind Solutions Payment Terminal Accessories
    Part #: CST00110 | SKU: TAI410328

    Verifone VX810 PEDPack
  7. Tailwind Solutions Accessories
    Part #: CST00119 | SKU: TAI410323

    Ingenico iPP320/350 PEDPack
  8. Tailwind Solutions Accessories
    Part #: ASS90101 | SKU: TAI410333

    FlexiPole Compact FisrtBase
  9. Tailwind Solutions Accessories
    Part #: ASS10101 | SKU: TAI410324

    FlexiPole Complete SafeBase (Estate Key)
  10. Tailwind Solutions Payment Terminal Accessories
    Part #: ASS60101 | SKU: TAI410330

    FlexiPole Compact SafeBase (Estate Key)

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