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Zebra RFID Labels

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  1. Zebra RFID Labels RFID Label
    Part #: | SKU: ZEBmodel-4160

    We offer a broad range of Zebra smart media supplies for RFID printers and encoders for a wide variety of RFID applications and environments, including custom tag inlay placement designed for the needs of your specific RFID printing/encoding application. Many of the Zebra labels and ribbons used in traditional barcode printing are also available for use in RFID smart label printing applications. Call us for more information.
  2. Zebra RFID Labels RFID Label
    Part #: | SKU: ZEBmodel-22308

    A successful RFID system requires a strong thermal label and inlay. Zebra is the foremost expert on all things RFID. Zebra offers complete RFID solutions for your application, including tested RFID labels and tags made with the best inlays and chips, as well as RFID labels and tags made with the right materials and adhesives. Select from the widest range of components that are in stock and may be delivered within 24 hours, or let Zebra create a solution to meet the requirements of your application. Utilize Zebra RFID Labels to take full advantage of RFID's benefits.
  3. Zebra ZD500R RFID Label
    Part #: | SKU: ZEBmodel-14102

  4. Zebra Silverline RFID Label
    Part #: | SKU: ZEBmodel-16042

    Zebra's Silverline series is a versatile all-surface RFID label for securing various types of industrial assets. By combining the on-metal performance of hard tags and personalization easiness of labels the Confidex Silverlineā„¢ makes the usage of RFID easier and more efficient than ever. Confidex Silverlineā„¢ is ideal for applications such as industrial logistics, asset tracking and work-in-process monitoring. The label can also be attached on curved surfaces like liquid bottles and metallic cylinders without affecting its performance. In actual use, Silverline has already proven itself to provide constant, reliable readings when attached on metal and used in highly demanding conditions.
  5. Zebra ZD611R RFID Label
    Part #: | SKU: ZEBmodel-21901

5 Item(s)

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