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AirTrack Scanners, Label Printers and Supplies

AirTrack is an industry-leading manufacturer of enterprise asset intelligence hardware that enable businesses to capture and manage data about their assets, people, and transactions to improve productivity and provide an enhanced customer experience in a variety of industries, including retail, manufacturing, transportation and logistics, hospitality, warehousing, and others. AirTrack's technology portfolio of scanners and printers, as well as fully compatible labels and ribbon, incorporate industry-leading capabilities at highly competitive price points and fully backed by robust warranty service. FREE 30-day demo FREE 30 days of TrueSupport FREE Industry leading warranty FREE AirSpace - if device stops functioning due to manufacturer defect we will overnight comparable spare while we evaluate device* (*If user error was found, we will return broken device or offer flat rate repair) Optional AirSupport - comprehensive service contract

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  1. AirTrack MB-1 Mobile Computer
    Part #: MB1-0001-00-SVC | SKU: AIR580313

    MB-1, Batch, Standard Range Linear CCD Scanner, Pre-loaded AT Suite Data Collection Software, 3200 mAh Battery, 24 key Alphanumeric Keypad Includes USB Cable for communication And charging. Includes AirSupport, 3-year plus service contract, MB-1. Covers failure as a result of normal wear and tear, firmware upgrades, and failure of external components regardless of fault. Generally this includes the case, LCD displays, keypads, overlays, lenses, and exposed connectors. 4 business-day turnaround. Standard return freight (FedEx ground) included.
    Price: $815.00
  2. AirTrack Printer Accessories
    Part #: DP-1-SERIAL | SKU: AIR413554

    Serial Interface Cable, 6 ft.
    Price: $18.18
  3. AirTrack Printer Accessories
    Part #: DP-1-SPINDLE | SKU: AIR413556

    3" Label Core Spindle
    Price: $16.29
  4. AirTrack Printer Accessories
    Part #: DP-1-PEEL-OFF | SKU: AIR413558

    Peeler Kit (must be installed at printer purchase)
    MSRP: $25.00 Price: $22.11
  5. AirTrack Printer Accessories
    Part #: DP-1-EXTERNAL-ROLL-MOUNT | SKU: AIR413557

    External Label Roll Mount, 3" core rolls supported
    MSRP: $25.00 Price: $22.11
  6. AirTrack Thermal Printhead
    Part #: LP-1-PRINTHEAD-300 | SKU: AIR594592

    300 dpi Replacement Printhead for LP-1
    Price: $495.00
  7. AirTrack Handheld Mobile Computer Accessory
    Part #: MB-1-POWER | SKU: AIR458543

    Wall Charger, USB, MB-1
    Price: $25.75
  8. AirTrack S2 Accessories
    Part #: S2-STAND | SKU: AIR414396

    Gooseneck Stand, Black
    MSRP: $25.00 Price: $24.63
  9. AirTrack Thermal Printhead
    Part #: LP-1-PRINTHEAD-203 | SKU: AIR594591

    203 dpi Replacement Printhead for LP-1
    Price: $310.00
  10. AirTrack Printer Accessories
    Part #: IP-1-MT | SKU: AIR413533

    Wi-Fi (802.11a/b/g/n) Interface Kit
    MSRP: $450.00 Price: $262.51

31 to 40 of 2539 Total

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