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AirTrack S2-W Scanner

AirTrack S2-W Scanner

Ideally suited for workers on the move, the S2-W is equipped with cordless Bluetooth technology that allows individuals to capture data off of barcodes without the cord constraint. The S2-W provides a long distance, stable Bluetooth connection that is compatible with a PC computer or smartphone.
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  • Long distance, stable Bluetooth connection
  • Easy to connect to your phone or computer
  • Rich decoding types and long battery life
  • Keyboard that supports more than 20 languages
  • Fast and accurate scanning
  • Ergonomic design to prevent strain from extended operation
  • Durable anti-shock design
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  1. S2-W-1012A2006 - AirTrack S2-W Bar code Scanner

    USB Kit, Cordless, 2D Imager Scanner, Color: Dark gray. Includes Standard Cradle (Radio/Charger) and USB Cable.
    MSRP: $900.00 Price: $649.90
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