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CAP Software POS Software

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  1. CAP Software Cash n Carry Software
    Part #: 939 | SKU: CAP308518

    Cash n Carry, Shopping Cart Integration for Version 9 Cash 'N Carry
    In Stock
  2. CAP Software Cash n Carry Wasp POS Software
    Part #: 9255 | SKU: CAP276717

    Cash n Carry, Cash 'n' Carry (Store Bundle - Includes 1 Software, 1 HCOM, 1 YEAR Support)
  3. CAP Software Wasp POS Software
    Part #: | SKU: CAPmodel-13233

    CAP POS is the engine that drives your store. From the front counter to the back office, our POS helps you save time and effort running your business. Our fast, efficient, customizable POS lets you process transactions quickly so you can spend more time with your customers. The back office tool bar includes powerful inventory control, extensive reports, CRM and marketing tools, tag printing, pricing and promotion management, and much more
  4. CAP Software Cash n Carry Wasp POS Software
    Part #: | SKU: CAPmodel-13391

    Cash'n Carry is an entry level product aimed at smaller, simpler businesses. It includes a fast, flexible, and easy to learn point of sale interface that is directly integrated to a powerful back office management system. You get all the powerful POS and inventory control features found in SellWise Pro without the customer database, simplifying the user interface so you can get your customers in and out as quickly as possible.
  5. CAP Software Software
    Part #: 16 | SKU: CAP232955

    Software, CAP-Multi Store-Main Store (HQ) Required at HQ of Multi Store, CAP HQ. HQ allows a HUB to manage centralized purchasing, inventory distribution, and regional pricing. Only required at main site or headquarters.
  6. CAP Software Software
    Part #: 16.2 | SKU: CAP232956

    Software, Multi Store - Additional License (Must Have CAP - Multi - HQ First), CAP HCOM. HCOM allows multiple store groups to poll sales, inventory, pricing, transfers, and more via FTP, TCP/IP or WAN. One required per site.
  7. CAP Software Software
    Part #: 3.5 | SKU: CAP232957

    Software, CAP Software (Annual End User Support per Location Email), One year or 5 hours of live telephone or web support with CAP's courteous and experienced technicians. Get help immediately if you experience any issues. M-F 8am-6pm CST
  8. CAP Software Software
    Part #: 9190 | SKU: CAP232958

    Software, CAP Database (for XTRA Users per Station, Local workgroup engine license for the SQL database engine. Needed per additional terminal to allow the terminals to operate independently of the server. Required for local or mobile mode.
  9. CAP Software Software
    Part #: ANNUAL-BKUP8952 | SKU: CAP232959

    Software, CAP Annual Backup per Site End User Data, One year of remote hosted data backup and recovery service. CAP will host your critical data and assist you with reloading it in the case of a data loss. Don't put your business at risk! (One per customer per year).
  10. CAP Software Software
    Part #: 9252 | SKU: CAP267617

    Software, SELLWISE-HQ Bundle (Includes 1 Software, HQ, HCOM, 1 Year Support)

1 to 10 of 23 Total

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