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Medical Mobile Cart

Move care where it's needed most with a workstation on wheels. With Medical Mobile Carts, caregivers have the flexibility to quickly adapt to their environment to best treat their patients. Designed to seamlessly move all-in-one computers and monitors wherever the work takes caregivers.

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  1. Enovate Mobile Cart
    Part #: S-L0P-KBP-0-0000 | SKU: ENO254641

    Medical Laptop Cart with eLift, Lithuim Phosphate Power
  2. Enovate Mobile Cart
    Part #: S-M0P-KBP-0-0000 | SKU: ENO254642

    Medical LCD Cart with eLift, Lit huim Phosphate Power System
  3. Enovate Mobile Cart
    Part #: S-M0P-MBP-0-0000 | SKU: ENO254643

    Medical LCD Montiro Re ady Cart with SLA 40AH/150 Watt
  4. Enovate Mobile Cart
    Part #: S-R0P-BBP-0-0X00 | SKU: ENO254644

    Medical LCD Cart with X-Large su rface, SLA 40AH 350Wtt Power Sys
  5. Enovate Mobile Cart
    Part #: THB0-B0R-0000 | SKU: ENO254698

    Accessories, Tele-Med Cart, SLA Powered (FDA)
  6. Enovate Mobile Cart
    Part #: S-M0P-0BP-0-0000 | SKU: ENO346791

    LCD Cart (with E-Lift, No Power supply)

6 Item(s)

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