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iPad POS Software

With the right software you can turn your iPad into a very capable Point of Sale System for a very low cost of entry. Ideal for retailers, restaurants, and businesses on the go, iPad based POS Software makes setting up shop an easy and hands-on experience.

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  1. MagTek QwickPAY Wasp POS Software
    Part #: 21073104 | SKU: MAG120834

    QwickPAY Kit, Mobile QwickPAY for Apple iPhone 4 and Apple iPad, IDynamo QwickPAY Kit (Includes Apple iPhone 4 and Apple iPad Adapters). Includes Setup Fee (One Time Per Merchant ID) 8675QPSU and 12-Month Service Fee 8675QPAS (Apple iPad and Apple iPhone not included).
  2. ShopKeep POS Software
    Part #: SHKP | SKU: SHO213602

    iPad POS Software, Single Station License, First Month and Activation. Apple iPad and POS hardware sold separately. ShopKeep is a monthly subscription software, subject to a monthly cost of $49.00. This item is for the initial Activation and first month of service. Additional Set-up Fees for Consultation may apply.

2 Item(s)

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