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Bluetooth Adapter RFID Reader

IT Planet offers a variety of Bluetooth RFID Scanners that are compatible with Apple iOS, Android, and Windows operating systems. Our Bluetooth RFID Scanners have the ability to pair with smartphones, tablets, and rugged mobile computers, while providing your mobile workforce with the tools necessary to capture data using RFID technology. Check out our full line of UHF, HF and other Bluetooth RFID readers below.

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  1. TSL 1153 RFID Reader
    Part #: 1153-US-BT-UHF-A1 (FCC) | SKU: TSL385727

    1153, Bluetooth Wearable UHF RFID reader, ETSI variant, No imager. Includes battery, micro USB cable and USB charger. Works with Apple iOS (iPad, iPhone, iPod), Android, and Windows.
    MSRP: $1,163.00 Price: $1,134.11
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  2. TSL 1128 Bluetooth UHF RFID Reader
    Part #: | SKU: TSLmodel-13154

    Use existing Bluetooth wireless technology enabled host devices including Enterprise Handhelds, Smartphones (iOS/Android), Touchscreen MP3 players, Tablets and PC's - the 1128 will bring high performance RFID and 2D scanning to all these devices running a wide range of Operating Systems. The 1128 Bluetooth UHF RFID reader can also be tethered to a PC using a USB cable.
  3. TSL 1153 RFID Reader
    Part #: | SKU: TSLmodel-15083

    The 1153 Bluetooth Wearable UHF RFID Reader is designed to read and write to EPC Class 1 Gen 2 (ISO18000-6C) UHF transponders and communicate with a variety of host devices via Bluetooth wireless technology. The RFID reader chipset is optimised for low power consumption whilst still providing excellent performance in a small and convenient form factor. The Wearable UHF RFID Reader includes class leading high performance 2D barcode data scanning to bring unparalleled data collection capabilities to connected devices.
  4. CSL-RFID CS108 RFID Reader
    Part #: | SKU: CSLmodel-17758

    CS108 is an UHF RFID handheld sled reader that works with all Android phones, iPhones, and Tablets. It assist with fast inventory of items on pallets, warehouse shelves, moving vehicles, and other tagged items in business. CS108 is used globally in many mission critical government, industrial, and commercial applications
  5. CipherLab 1861 RFID Reader
    Part #: | SKU: CIPmodel-10732

    Designed for warehouse operations, logistic centers, manufacturing plants and retail operations, the CipherLab 1861 is a handheld RFID reader which addresses the growing demand for ultra-high frequency (UHF) RFID applications. The 1861 allows users the freedom to read and write RFID tags from a greater distance, increasing efficiency - the ability to get more done in less time, ultimately reducing costs and strengthening the bottom line.

5 Item(s)

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