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Black and white Security Camera

Dedicated black and white security cameras typically offer the highest resolution and best light sensitivity in low light conditions. Many color cameras will switch to black and white mode in low-light conditions.

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  1. Panasonic WV-BP330 Series Security Camera
    Part #: WV-BP334 | SKU: PAN20442

    1/3 CCD, Black and White Digital Signal Processing, 570 TV Lines, 0.06 Lux at f/1.2, Low Light, 24V AC
  2. Panasonic WV-BP140 Series Security Camera
    Part #: WV-BP144 | SKU: PAN20441

    1/3 CCD Black and White, 380 TV Lines, 0.08 Lux at at f/1.4, 24V AC

7 Item(s)

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