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Century Software

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  1. Century Software TinyTERM Enterprise for iOS Software
    Part #: LCS-IOS-ENT4 | SKU: CEN714908

    General Software - Century Software TinyTERM Enterprise - For iOS - Perpetual License - 1 Year of Support/Upgrades
    Price: $220.83
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  2. Century Software TinyTERM Enterprise for iOS Service Contract
    Part #: LCS-IOS-ENT4-M | SKU: CEN714909

    Service Contracts - Century Software - Annual Maintenance Renewal for TinyTERM Enterprise for iOS
    Price: $35.00
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  3. Century Software TinyTERM Enterprise for iOS Software
    Part #: | SKU: model-22075

    In order to create and deploy purpose-based devices that need access to legacy hosts or HTML5/Javascript applications in contemporary web environments, Century Software's TinyTERM Enterprise for iOS combines third-generation secure terminal emulation with a highly configurable industrial web browser. The bundled secure IBM/VT/ANSI/Wyse/ADDS terminal emulator with SSH, SSL, and telnet supports scanner support, macros, printing, and automation. TinyTERM Enterprise from Century Software offers enterprise deployment features including configuration push, user interface lockup, and comprehensive configuration import/export management. For non-technical users or situations where pre-configured automated application startup is necessary, corporate IT departments can develop solutions with TinyTERM Enterprise from Century Software.

4 Item(s)

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