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CipherLab Mobile Handheld Computer

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  1. CipherLab RK25 Mobile Computer
    Part #: | SKU: CIPmodel-18136

    CipherLab RK25 mobile computer effortlessly combines the benefits of touch computers with handheld mobility into one reliable device. The ideal device great for industry use in retail, light warehousing, transportation and logistics, and field mobility.
  2. CipherLab 9700 Series Mobile Computer
    Part #: | SKU: CIPmodel-14022

    Purpose-built for the demanding needs of Warehousing, Distribution Center, and manufacturing, CipherLab 9700 series integrates excellent reliability and flexibility to help improve worker efficiency and productivity within-four-walls environments. Along with various accessories, 9700 series offers an accomplish solution for your every deployment.
  3. CipherLab 8200 Series Mobile Computer
    Part #: | SKU: CIPmodel-7920

    The CipherLab maximizes retail workflow and productivity with the all new 8200 Series. This highly versatile mobile computer features a lightweight, ergonomic form factor and low power consumption to help you carry out day-to-day data collection routines with unique application requirements. From data input versatility to memory capacity expansion and wireless communication. From point-of-care patient identification to record management, the 8200 Series is the perfect choice for capturing and processing important data in hospitals, pharmacies and nursing homes.
  4. CipherLab RS51 Mobile Computer
    Part #: | SKU: CIPmodel-18696

    Cipherlab's RS51 Android Mobile Computer is the smarter and faster solution that all mobile workers need. As an Android enterprise recommended device the users will have support for multiple versions of the Android OS in its operating cycle. It blends commercial smartphone usability and enterprise functionality. A 4.7" display that can scan 1D and 2D barcodes, RFID, and NFC applications. Rugged casing makes it an ideal device for transportation and logistics, direct store delivery, and field mobility.
  5. CipherLab CP60 Mobile Computer
    Part #: | SKU: CIPmodel-5290

    Designed specifically for applications in transportation and logistics, warehousing, manufacturing and field service, the CP60 is rated with IP65 standards and can withstand 1.8m drops onto concrete, which safeguards its productivity in harsh environments. Along with a powerful 1 GHz processor, CP60 provides operating system options and speeds up all calculations and data input process. CP60 is armed with the most flexible wireless communication options in the forms of 3.8G HSPA+, 802.11a/b/g/n, and Bluetooth V2.1. With the rise of 4G technology, CP60 is also ready to provide 4G LTE option. Having GPS / AGPS gives you the power to locate your staff and never get lost. Its on-board 4 GB flash memory coupled with 512 MB SDRAM, allows workers to store more data and run more software at maximum speed. Additionally, the 5 megapixel autofocus camera and versatile reader options give you dependable data under a vast variety of conditions.
  6. CipherLab Accessory
    Part #: | SKU: CIPmodel-6398

    Products and parts from CipherLab.
  7. CipherLab 8400 Mobile Computer
    Part #: | SKU: CIPmodel-6393

    The CipherLab 8400 mobile computer enables smarter decisions and improves business agility by taking powerful data applications directly to the point of work. Wireless Bluetooth capabilities give easy access to peripherals and servers, keeping workers in-touch and always a step ahead of the task at hand. The largest-in-class backlit, 2.6-inch, 160x160 pixel display makes work simple, even in dark corners. Drops, humidity, or freezing temperatures won't stop the CipherLab 8400 mobile computer. It's built tough to work on the edge.
  8. CipherLab 8230 Mobile Computer
    Part #: | SKU: CIPmodel-10826

    CipherLab 8230 With the IEEE802.11b/g and Bluetooth Class 2 compliance, this pocket-sized and lightweight 8230 mobile computer ensures seamless wireless data transmission and real-time updates to your back-end system. The 8230 mobile computer is all you need for constant productivity.
  9. CipherLab RS30 Mobile Computer
    Part #: | SKU: CIPmodel-14640

    The CipherLab RS30 defines a smartphone-like touch mobile computer precisely designed to meet the demands of the customer-facing mobile workers in field sales, field service, retail and health care industries. The CipherLab RS30 is a touch-centric device that operates with the Andriod 4.4 OS. Built with Corning Gorilla Glass 3, the 4.7" multi-touch panel is well protected against falls but still sensitive to touches from even latex gloves. Along with ruggedness, extra protective boot further secures your data collection from various harsh environments. Additionally, a backup battery and reliable 802.11 b/g/n ensures your collected data is safe from low battery and location roaming. Equipped with the options of linear imager, laser and 2D imager, near field communication and practical features, the RS30 offers a rugged and intelligent solution to your application needs.
  10. CipherLab 8000 Series Mobile Computer
    Part #: | SKU: CIPmodel-6397

    The best things come in small packages-that's why you can expect incredible productivity and great value from the CipherLab 8000 Series. These pocket-sized mobile computers put fast, accurate barcode scanning and wireless communications options in your hands (and your pocket) to accelerate product ordering, item picking, route accounting, and other AIDC activities. Durable design and low cost mean you reap a lot of value over a long time-at a minimal investment. For such a small package, there's nothing like the 8000 Series to cost-effectively make your work easy and efficient.

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