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CubiScan Dimensioning and Weighing Systems

CubiScan's advanced dimensioning and weighing systems are designed to increase the productivity and efficiency of your warehousing, distribution, and freight manifesting operations. Their patented dimensioning systems will provide accurate and reliable product dimensions and weight for all of the items in your warehouse or shipping application.

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  1. CubiScan 150 Shipping Scale
    Part #: 150 | SKU: CUB306720

    150, The CubiScan 150 is robust, with a maximum measurement range of 39 x 40 x 48 inches (100 x 100 x 120 cm) and a net weight capacity of 150 lbs (70 Kg). Yet it is precise, with a measurement resolution of 0.1 inches (0.2 cm) and weight resolution of 0.05 lbs (20 g). For Domestic Use Only.
    Price: $14,800.00
  2. CubiScan 125 Shipping Scale
    Part #: 125 | SKU: CUB306724

    125, The CubiScan 125 is a small static cubing system that uses a combination of sensing technologies to measure and weigh irregular-shaped parts and components as well as boxed items. For Domestic Use Only.
    Price: $19,500.00
  3. CubiScan 100 Shipping Scale
    Part #: 100-L | SKU: CUB306721

    100-L, Designed to work with and interface to warehouse management system software, Facilitates storage location selection, order picking, carton selection, and shipment planning, Compatible with case packing/load optimization software packages. For Domestic Use Only.
  4. CubiScan 30 Shipping Scale
    Part #: 30 | SKU: CUB306723

    30, Designed exclusively for use in the book publishing industry, the Cubiscan 30 uses laser technology to give precise tolerances and total control as you measure the length and width of books. For Domestic Use Only.
  5. CubiScan 200-TS Shipping Scale
    Part #: 200-TS | SKU: CUB364473

    200-TS, In motion cubing and weighing system. Maximum capacity: 60” x 48” x 36” and 242 lbs. Conveyor speed: 230 feet per minute. For Domestic Use Only.
  6. CubiScan 210-SS Shipping Scale
    Part #: 210-SS | SKU: CUB364474

    210-SS, In motion dimensioning system. Maximum capacity: 60” x 48” x 36”. Conveyor speed: 600 ft. per min. For Domestic Use Only.
  7. CubiScan 210-DS Shipping Scale
    Part #: 210-DS | SKU: CUB364475

    210-DS, In motion dimensioning system. Maximum capacity: 60” x 48” x 36”. Conveyor speed: 600 ft. per min. For Domestic Use Only.
  8. CubiScan 1200-AKL Shipping Scale
    Part #: 1200-AKL | SKU: CUB364476

    1200-AKL, The CubiScan 1200-AKL is a large-scale static dimension scanning device that can work in conjunction with a heavy-capacity floor scale (or in a standalone position when weight is not required). For Domestic Use Only.
  9. CubiScan 110 Shipping Scale
    Part #: 110 | SKU: CUB306722

    110, With a new twist on static dimensioning, the CubiScan 110 provides you with a flexible and ergonomic layout for maximum throughput and productivity. Working with its length and width sensors to the sides, the 110 allows for pass-through package processing ideal for small to medium parcel manifesting and shipment auditing applications For Domestic Use Only
  10. CubiScan 150 Shipping Scale
    Part #: 14530 | SKU: CUB510666

    150, Stationary Dimensioning For Freight Manifesting. For Domestic Use Only.

10 Item(s)

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