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DigiPoS POS System

DigiPoS delivers technology solutions that support the demands of retailers as they seek to achieve their own core business objectives. Digipos understands and reflects the nature of Retailing and its interaction with technology. In Digipos those retailers have a true technology partner capable of delivering across the retail technology spectrum. This is evidenced in the Retail Blade Store System Architecture for example which provides a consistent, flexible and high ROI platform for integration into the store environment.

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  1. DigiPoS POS Touch Terminal
    Part #: 5000L | SKU: DIG32765

    CPU with CD ROM, WEPOS, 256MB RAM
  2. DigiPoS POS Touch Terminal
    Part #: DG5L-14R1WE1-TT | SKU: DIG32768

    5000L Cpu For Mspos Touch Screen Bundle See Notes
  3. DigiPoS Monitor
    Part #: DGLD-401A-NT0-B | SKU: DIG32770

    401A 12.1" Non-Touch LCD, no MSR, black
  4. DigiPoS Monitor
    Part #: DGLD-715A-NT0-B | SKU: DIG32771

    715A 15.1" Non-Touch LCD, no MSR, black
  5. DigiPoS POS Touch Terminal
    Part #: DGRB-24R1WE0 | SKU: DIG32775

    RB2, 2.4GHz CEL, 40GB HD 256MB, WEPOS, no CDROM
  6. DigiPoS POS Touch Terminal
    Part #: DG5L-14R2XP1 | SKU: DIG38234

    Desktop systems, 2.0GHz CEL, 40GB HD, 512MB RAM, CD-ROM, XP PRO
  7. DigiPoS Touchscreen
    Part #: RB301GB080512CD | SKU: DIG38235

    15.1 inch, Touch LCD with Magnetic Stripe Reader 1 and 2, RS-232, Desktop, Black color
  8. DigiPoS Accessory
    Part #: B48674 | SKU: DIG32766

    Box 22X22X26 small kit B
  9. DigiPoS Accessory
    Part #: BLRETXP1G-BASE | SKU: DIG32767

    Bundle base for all Microsoft TCH & NONTCH
  10. DigiPoS Cash Drawer
    Part #: DGPH-18X18-B | SKU: DIG32772

    Cash Drawer, 18X18 Cash Drawer, Cable Integrated, Painted Front, Black

1 to 10 of 17 Total

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