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EWAPhoenix EMT Patient Tracking Kit

EWAPhoenix EMT Patient Tracking Kit

EWA Phoenix provides an EMS Patient Tracking Solution to Indiana hospitals using comprehensive packages designed to meet National Emergency Medical Service Information System (NEMSIS) requirements. This kit is designed for rapid patient assessment: Patient information is scanned from driver's license and severity of injury is documented, which triggers an automatic priority for patient to be seen upon arrival at the ER.
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  1. EWA-238440000R - EWAPhoenix Handheld Computer

    US AC line cord, grounded, three wire for power supplies KT-14000-148R and 50-14000-241R
    Price: $15.80
    In Stock
  2. EWA-2512433001R - EWAPhoenix Handheld Computer

    MC9500 Micro USB activesync cable. Allows for activesync connectivity between the MC9500 single bay cradle and a host device.
    Price: $16.99
    In Stock

    Shipping charge for EWA EMT Patient Tracking Kit
    Price: $6.95
    Ship Free

    Software Pre-Configuration for EWA EMT Patient Tracking Kit
    Price: $50.00
    Ship Free
  5. EWA-21040102 - EWAPhoenix Credit Card Swipe Reader

    Mini USB Swipe Reader (Tracks 1, 2 & 3, HID Driver required) -Color: Black
    MSRP: $85.00 Price: $56.44
    Ship Free
  6. EWA-EMT-PATIENT-TRACKING-KIT - EWAPhoenix EWA EMT Patient Tracking Kit

    EWA EMT Patient Tracking Kit, Includes Motorola MC9598-K data terminal with charger, cables and power supply, magnetic stripe reader, spare battery, Bronze-level support package, software pre-configuration and installation and shipping.
    Call For Price
  7. EWA-MSR5500100R - EWAPhoenix Handheld Computer

    MC55 Magnetic Stripe Reader. Reads all 3 tracks of a magnetic stripe card and accomodates power and communication pass through while cradled in a single slot or four slot cradle as well as when a charging cable is attached.
  8. EWA-4600GSR051C0F00E - EWAPhoenix Bar code Scanner

    USB kit with USB cable, Standard Range Area Imager and user guide. Color: Gray.
  9. EWA-MC5590PK0DKQQA7W - EWAPhoenix Handheld Computer

    LAN 802.11a/b/g / Bluetooth PAN, 2D Pico Imager, 128MB RAM/256MB Flash, QWERTY Keyboard, Windows Mobile 6.1 Classic, Color QVGA, Standard 2400 mAh Battery

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