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  1. FEIG ID ISC.PR101 RFID Reader
    Part #: | SKU: model-12883

    Due to its numerous communication interfaces the HF Proximity Reader ID ISC.PR101 is suitable for a range of applications like library, retail, logistics and manufacturing and is easy to integrate in existing systems. With its anti-collision function it excels at reading several transponders simultaneously.
  2. FEIG ID ISC.MRU102 RFID Reader
    Part #: 3777.000.00 | SKU: FEI226033

    ID ISC.MRU102, UHF RFID Reader Module, USB Interface
  3. FEIG ID ISC.MRU102 RFID Reader
    Part #: 3778.000.00 | SKU: FEI226034

    ID ISC.MRU102, UHF RFID Reader Module, PoE LAN Interface
  4. FEIG PRHD102 RFID Reader
    Part #: 2996.000.01 | SKU: FEI226036

    ID ISC.PRHD102, Bluetooth Interface, FCC HF/UHF Handheld RFID Reader
  5. FEIG ID CPR30 RFID Reader
    Part #: 3600.000.01 | SKU: FEI226038

    ID CPR30, HF RFID Proximity Reader, USB Interface
  6. FEIG PRHD102 RFID Reader
    Part #: | SKU: model-12881

    The PRHD102 is a dual frequency reader which is equipped with an integrated HF-Antenna as well as an integrated UHF-Antenna. Available in a wired USB or a wireless Bluetooth version makes it the perfect unit for use at a single workstations or for delivery control and inventory purposes.
  7. FEIG ID ISC.MRU102 RFID Reader
    Part #: | SKU: model-12882

    The UHF Mid Range Reader ID ISC.MRU102 is designed as and integrated fixed reader solution for capturing EPC Class1 Gen2 tags. It can be used for all kinds of applications which require a medium read range and the convenience of a compact design without sacrificing performance.

7 Item(s)

per page