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InfinID RFID Software

InfinID Technologies Inc, is the leading supplier of software solutions for for achieving Department of Defense (DoD) mandate compliance for MIL-STD 129 RFID and MIL-STD 130 UID. InfinID's AssetWorx! solution is a complete RFID fixed asset management system with an intuitive interface that is easy to implement, learn and use. Developed and designed for businesses of any size - whether you need to monitor a few assets or you are managing several sites.

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  1. InfinID V-Tag INF-VT100-A6 Intermec RFID Tags
    Part #: | SKU: INFmodel-8159

    The V-Tag Model INF-VT100-A6 is a compact active RFID tag that generates its own mesh network. V-Tag Location Tracking System is accomplished by setting up a fixed tag attached to wall, ceiling, fences and posts around the location being monitored. Track and monitor your assets without costly infrastructure. The moveable tags then calculate their own positions based on the signals received from the fixed tags and from other neighboring tags.
  2. InfinID V-Tag INF-VT100-G Intermec RFID Tags
    Part #: INF-VT100-G | SKU: INF529854

    V-Tag, Smart Gateway
    MSRP: $249.00 Price: $242.07
  3. InfinID V-Tag INF-VT100-A6 Intermec RFID Tags
    Part #: INF-VT-SDK-STAN-400 | SKU: INF142395

    V-Tag, SDK Standard development software 1 Gateway, 5 tags.
  4. InfinID V-Tag INF-VT100-A6 Intermec RFID Tags
    Part #: INF-VT100-A6 | SKU: INF529850

    V-Tag, Asset Tag, 6-YEAR Battery
    MSRP: $35.00 Price: $34.50
  5. InfinID AssetWorx! Software
    Part #: INF-3601-1U-RFID-1 | SKU: INF85564

    RFID Asset Tracking Software - Standard Base Application - Single User License - 1 PC Concurrent User License - 1 Wireless Mobile Computer User License - Includes First Year of Maintenance and Support
    MSRP: $2,890.00 Price: $2,809.54
  6. InfinID AssetWorx! Software
    Part #: INF-3601-HH-RFID-1 | SKU: INF120795

    AssetWorx! Software, AssetWorx! Additional single license for 1 portable handheld reader. (First year Maintenance and Support included)
  7. InfinID AssetWorx! Software
    Part #: INF-3601-CL-RFID-1 | SKU: INF142382

    AssetWorx! Software, AssetWorx! 1 concurrent user license. (First year Maintenance and Support included)
    MSRP: $990.00 Price: $962.44
  8. InfinID AssetWorx! Software
    Part #: INF-3603-CL-RFID-3 | SKU: INF142383

    AssetWorx! Software, AssetWorx! 3 concurrent user licenses. (First year maintenance and support included)
    MSRP: $2,770.00 Price: $2,692.88
  9. InfinID AssetWorx! Software
    Part #: INF-PORTALS | SKU: INF142386

    AssetWorx! Software, Portal Module. (First year maintenance and support included)
  10. InfinID AssetWorx! Software
    Part #: INF-5010-PS | SKU: INF142387

    AssetWorx! Software, Software Installation/Training per day for AssetWorx! Minimum of 2 days. (Travel cost and expenses are paid by the customer and billed separately.)

1 to 10 of 64 Total

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