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Intermec CK3 Accessories

Intermec CK3 Accessories

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  1. 355-202-002 - Intermec

    Overlay (Numeric, ITE) for the CK3
  2. 355-204-002 - Intermec

    Overlay (Alphanumeric, ITE) for the CK3
  3. 871-229-101 - Intermec CK3 Handheld Computer Accessories

    CK3 Handheld Computer Accessories, MultiDock, Charge Only for the CK3. Requires Power supply (Part# 851-064-316) and AC line cord (Part# 1-974028-025)
  4. 871-229-102 - Intermec

    Multidock, Ethernet, for the CK3 (AD21)
  5. 871-231-101 - Intermec

    Vehicle Dock for the CK3 (AV10). Powered vehicle dock. Requires vehicle mounting kit (Part# 805-611-001) and an install kit. Optional Adapter Cable to RS-232 Serial is (Part# 225-737-002).
  6. 871-237-001 - Intermec

    Vehicle Holder for the CK3 with IP30
  7. CK3XV-DOCKKIT AC - Intermec

    Stationary Dock Kit, CK30/31, For connecting CK30/31 to 110 VAC North American wall current. Includes powered vehicle dock, double-ball swivel mounting base, 110 VAC-12VDC power converter and input and output cables (NOT FOR USE ON MOTORIZED EQUIPMENT)
  8. CK3XV-DOCKKIT-P - Intermec

    Vehicle Dock Kit, CK30/31, includes powered vehicle dock, double swivel mounting base and wide-ranging power supply with input and output cables for installation on equipment that operates on 6-60VDC.On-board 9-pin serial port for connecting a tethered scanner. Permits use of pistol grip. CE and RoHS. (Replacement for CK30V-DOCKKIT LP and CK30V-DOCKKIT HP)
  9. I-CK3X-BK - Intermec

  10. IN-VM3-TOP - Intermec

    Vehicle top mounted bracketed holster, CK3 with scan handle

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