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Itox Telecommunications Products

Since its founding in 1987, ITOX has been recognized nationwide as a leading supplier of x86 embedded motherboards for use in light industrial and special OEM environments. All of their products are manufactured under strict revision-control, with guaranteed availability for a minimum of three to five years.

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  1. Itox Server Accessory
    Part #: ACES-HD-KIT | SKU: ITO35382

    3.5 inch Mounting Kit (for Black Ox - Used to Mount Hard Drives)
  2. Itox Server Accessory
    Part #: ACES-SR-26 | SKU: ITO35383

    Rails for Black Ox (Used to Make Black Ox into Rackmount Unit)
  3. Itox Memory Telecommunication Equipment
    Part #: DDR-128X64S-266M | SKU: ITO35384

    1GB DDR RAM (for the PCI-3, -4 and -5 266 MHz)
  4. Itox Memory Telecommunication Equipment
    Part #: DDR-64X64S-266M | SKU: ITO35385

    512MB DDR RAM (for the PCI-3 266 MHz)
  5. Itox Server Accessory
    Part #: HD-ST3160815AS | SKU: ITO37251

    160GB, Seagate SATA Drive 7200RPM

5 Item(s)

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