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Loftware Barcode Software

Loftware is respected for its quality products, technology leadership and innovative solutions.

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  1. Loftware Label Manager 10 Software
    Part #: | SKU: LOFmodel-1508

    The Loftware Label Manager 10 label designer comes standard with all of the tools you will ever need to create the highest quality labels while supporting a wide range of barcode, RFID and other printer types across a company"s enterprise. Designing labels is intuitive and can speed up the labeling design process by using the large list of pre-designed label templates, built to meet all your internal/external labeling requirements and mandates. Labels created in the designer are readily available to be accessed and printed from any mission critical business application and can be stored and retrieved at anytime from a central repository, a perfect choice for those that desire to centrally control all label output management tasks. Features like Label Scripting bring a whole new dimension to intelligent label design and printing by giving you the ability to perform label logic at the label field level prior to actually printing the required labels.
  2. Loftware Print Server Standard Edition 10 Software
    Part #: | SKU: LOFmodel-1512

    Print Server Standard Edition 10 comes with eight (8) printer seats and two (2) client seats. This edition is expandable to 500 printer seats. The purchase of the Print Server Standard Edition 10 includes one year renewable support contract, which features on-going upgrades and unlimited technical support.
  3. Loftware Print Module Software
    Part #: | SKU: LOFmodel-1509

    The Print Module is the run-time version of the Loftware Label Manager with the exception of label design capability. Includes one year of software upgrades and unlimited support.
  4. Loftware Print Server 10 Software
    Part #: | SKU: LOFmodel-1510

    The Print Server 10 is a server-based software solution for managing and processing label print requests from corporate applications. The Print Server 10 is a highly scalable system that is designed to handle label print requests targeted to hundreds or thousands of printers. It can be deployed in enterprise architectures to support load dividing, fault tolerance, and automatic failover to assure continuous high volume label production.
  5. Loftware Print Server Starter Edition 10 Software
    Part #: | SKU: LOFmodel-1511

    Start using the LPS client/server technology at an entry-level price! The Print Server Starter Edition 10 comes standard with 2 printer seats and 1 client seat. Expandable to 500 printer seats. Includes one year of software upgrades and unlimited support from our call center.
  6. Loftware Premier PLUS Software
    Part #: | SKU: LOFmodel-1513

    Loftware Premier PLUS RFID adds the power of RFID to the already rich feature set of Loftware's Print Server engine. Robust drivers enable Loftware customers to print 64 and 96-bit 'Smart' labels using the latest RFID-enabled thermal transfer printers. Thanks to EPC compliance tools, Premier PLUS RFID makes it easy to create and print SSCC, SGTIN and SGLN labels for systems of any complexity.
  7. Loftware Service Contract
    Part #: NTP-PLTM-RC | SKU: LOF399420

    Price: $116.00
  8. Loftware Software
    Part #: NLLEXX0051-AC | SKU: LOF738631

    General Software - Loftware - LMS Enterprise 5 Printer Standard Support Contract
    Price: $1,649.00
  9. Loftware Software
    Part #: NLDPXX0011-RC | SKU: LOF721879

    Barcode Label Software - Loftware - Nicelable - Designer Professional 1-Year Sma Renewal
    MSRP: $119.00 Price: $114.03
  10. Loftware Products
    Part #: 08268632-PLTM-AC | SKU: LOF289275

    MSRP: $270.00 Price: $221.24

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