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Logic Controls Keyboard

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  1. Logic Controls KB9000 Accessory
    Part #: | SKU: model-17399

    The KB9000 is a fully programmable bump bar with touch operations. With advanced projected capacitive touch technology, the KB9000 programmable bump bar provides reliable and durable touch operations that cannot be achieved with resistive contacts. The user friendly programming software helps users to customize the bump bar layouts to desired number of keys, key locations, key dimensions, and key codes that meet the unique requirement of each application and maximize operation efficiency.
  2. Logic Controls KB1700 Programmable Keyboards
    Part #: | SKU: LOGmodel-1552

    The KB1700 Programmable Keypad is a 17 key programmable keypad that is ideally suited for small footprint applications. In a retail setting to input information, at a kiosk to look up information, or in the kitchen as a bump bar. Constructed with Logic Control's state-of-the-art PC Board and stainless steel dome disks, the KB1700 Programmable Keypad can even be customized and configured to support more than 17 keys. No programming kit, battery, or TSR program is required, and the keypad operates with or without a computer keyboard being attached. Features include: internal beeper, optional international output codes, and a replaceable color legend sheet.
  3. Logic Controls Accessory
    Part #: | SKU: LOGmodel-1576

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3 Item(s)

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