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LOREX Security Camera & CCTV Security DVR

Lorex offers a wide selection of CCTV products, cameras, monitors and observation systems, both wired and wireless. Complemented with time lapse VCRs, multiplexers and SOHO alarm systems, Lorex products fill the void in both the retail and professional markets with products that are easy to install and even easier to use.

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  1. LOREX QLR0440 DVR Card
    Part #: QLR0440 | SKU: LOR34072

    QLR0440, 4 Port PCI Card Digital Video Recorder
  2. LOREX CVA6806CL CCTV Camera Cables
    Part #: CVA6806CL | SKU: LOR34049

    100 ft. High Performance Cable
  3. LOREX CVA6808R CCTV Camera Cables
    Part #: CVA6808R | SKU: LOR34050

    250 ft. High Performance Cable
  4. LOREX SG6577CL CCTV Camera Cables
    Part #: SG6577CL | SKU: LOR34079

    65 ft. Extension Cable
  5. LOREX QLR0444 DVR Card
    Part #: QLR0444 | SKU: LOR34073

    QLR0444, 4 Port PCI Card DVR with 4 Day/Night Indoor Outdoor Color Cameras
  6. LOREX QLR1660 DVR Card
    Part #: QLR1660 | SKU: LOR34074

    QLR1660, 16 Port PCI Card Digital Video Recorder - 120 FPS

6 Item(s)

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