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Microscan Fixed Scanner, DPM Scanner, Barcode Verifier, and Machine Vision System

Microscan Scanners have achieved worldwide recognition as innovative barcode scanners and decoders for automated systems and leads the field of miniaturized high speed fixed mount barcode scanning.

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  1. Microscan MS-4 Imager Fixed Barcode Scanner
    Part #: | SKU: MICmodel-1814

    The Microscan MS-4 Imager is designed specifically for embedded barcode applications. It is the ideal imager for OEM design engineers who need to read 2D codes in tight spaces, while still requiring 100% data integrity. Currently the world's smallest high resolution imager, the MS-4 Imager's ultra-compact size and wide angle optics provide the widest scan window available for reading any code at close range. EZ button setup, symbol locator, and visible performance indicators provide ease of use while omnidirectional reading and form factor allow for positioning flexibility.
  2. Microscan MS-4 Imager Fixed Barcode Scanner
    Part #: FIS-0004-0003G | SKU: MIC20368

    MS-4 Imager - Standard Density - USB
    Price: $1,460.00
  3. Microscan MicroHAWK ID-20 Fixed Barcode Scanner
    Part #: | SKU: MICmodel-15536

    The world's smallest full-featured and fully-integrated barcode imager, ID-20 offers OEMs and traceability engineers a perfect set of value and performance options in a tiny, simple, and streamlined solution for embedded designs or WIP traceability. ID-20, the only reader of its kind, offers a single-cable solution that utilizes USB for both communication (USB 2.0 High Speed and Ethernet over USB) and power to enable plug-and-play integration. Mini is now micro and incredibly easy to use.
  4. Microscan QX-830 Fixed Barcode Scanner
    Part #: | SKU: MICmodel-1829

    The Microscan QX-830 laser scanner combines revolutionary flexible connectivity with high performance decoding capabilities to reliably read 1D bar codes in almost any automation environment. In addition to the Quick Connect System and X-Mode Technology, the QX-830 features IP65 industrial sealing and optional embedded Ethernet protocols.
  5. Microscan QX-870 Fixed Barcode Scanner
    Part #: | SKU: MICmodel-1831

    The Microscan QX-870 laser scanner partners the latest technologies in barcode reading and connectivity into an easy to use solution for barcode track, trace and control applications. Simple to set up and deploy, it features a programmable sweeping raster to read multiple codes, in varying locations, even if they are damaged or misaligned. With plug and play setup and the most aggressive decode algorithms available, the QX-870 an ideal laser scanner for any industrial application.
  6. Microscan MS-3 Laser Fixed Barcode Scanner
    Part #: FIS-0003-0003G | SKU: MIC7060

    Microscan MS-3 Compact Laser Barcode Scanner - Cable Connectivity - 1000 scan/s - Laser
    Call For Price
  7. Microscan Mini Hawk Fixed Barcode Scanner
    Part #: | SKU: MICmodel-1796

    The Microscan Mini Hawk imagers pack aggressive direct part mark (DPM) reading algorithms into a miniature imager that is both powerful and easy to use for barcode and 2D track, trace and control applications. Aggressive decoding is ensured through X-Mode technology, which reads damaged or difficult symbols with no configuration or setup required. With high speed and high resolution configurations available, there is a MINI Hawk imager to solve virtually any challenging application.
  8. Microscan MicroHAWK ID-30 Fixed Barcode Scanner
    Part #: | SKU: MICmodel-15537

    A micro-sized barcode imager with huge potential, the ID-30 features an innovative space-efficient design with a corner exit cable and high-density 15-pin connector (serial, USB, or Ethernet over USB communications). Perfect for OEMs and machine builders, the ID-30 offers the perfect combination of size, performance, and simple plug-and-play integration. The ID-30 outperforms any reader in its class and is the ideal solution for automation engineers looking for incredible performance in a micro-sized product.
  9. Microscan HDS-360X Barcode Scanner
    Part #: | SKU: MICmodel-17648

    The HS-360X have two options whether you need wired or wireless scanner. It is an ultra rugged DPM handheld with leading DPM decoding performance with X-mode.
  10. Microscan Ring Infrared Illuminator
    Part #: NER-011660810G | SKU: MIC189810

    Smart Series Ring - 60mm - White - M12 connecTor
    Price: $690.00

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