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Motorola MC3190-Z Accessories

Motorola MC3190-Z Accessories

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  1. 23844-00-00R - Motorola

    US AC Line Cord - 7.5' Length - Compatible with power supplies (Part# KT-14000-148R), (Part# 50-14000-241R), and (Part# PWRS-14000-148R)
    Price: $16.99
    In Stock
  2. 25-68596-01R - Symbol MC67 Accessories

    USB Client Communication Cable
    Price: $17.00
    In Stock
  3. MC31XX-USB-STARTER - Motorola

    MC31x0 Starter Kit. Includes Everything You Need to Run Your MC31x0: Charging/Communications Cradle, Interface Cable, US Power supply and AC Line Cord.
    Price: $183.85
    In Stock
  4. 25-63852-01R - Symbol

    RS-232 Cable for CRD9000
    Price: $24.79
    In Stock
  5. BTRY-MC30KAB02-03 - Motorola

    MC30xx High Capacity Battery, 4800 mAh Works With All MC3090g
    Price: $62.13
    In Stock
  6. CRD3000-101RES - Motorola MC3000 Mobile Computer Accessories

    MC3000 Mobile Computer Accessories, Kit: MC3x: Cradle 1 Slot Kit Intl
    Price: $164.21
    In Stock
  7. CRD3000-1000RR - Symbol

    Single Slot Serial/USB Cradle. Also charges terminal and standard and high capacity spare battery. Includes: Cradle, Power supply (Part# 50-14000-148), USB Client Communication Cable (Part# 25-68596-01), RS-232 Communication Cable (Part# 25-63852-01R). AC Line Cord must be ordered separately or sourced locally. US AC Line Cord Part# 23844-00-00R.
  8. KT-14000-148R - Symbol

    Universal Power supply, 100-240 VAC, 12VDC, 3.33A. Used across multiple product lines for cable charging and cradle and battery charging. See product pages for configurations that use this power supply. Req. country 3 wire AC cord. For use in US use 23844-00-00R AC Line Cord.
  9. CRD3000-100RR - Motorola

    Single Slot Serial/USB Crdl Kt For MC3000/USB Sep/Cables Sep

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