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Motorola Mobile Handheld Computer

Motorola is an industry-leading manufacturer of handheld computers. The Motorola handheld computers are rugged, reliable, and affordable devices that capture data with integrated 1D and 2D scanning technology. Our Motorola handhelds come in an assortment of form factors including full-size, gun, phone-size, wearable, and batch/basic. Check out our full line of Motorola handheld computers below or call one of our experts to request a volume discount.

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  1. Motorola MC9200 Mobile Computer
    Part #: | SKU: MOTmodel-12593

    The MC9200 is the next generation in the industry-leading rugged MC9000 Series, now upgraded to support your next generation mobile applications. The rugged mobile computer that evolves to meet changing business needs brings you the same signature rugged design, best-in-class barcode scanning and dependable operation, now with the power to run applications with highly-intuitive interfaces that will further simplify processes and increase worker productivity in your toughest environments.
  2. Motorola TC70 Mobile Computer
    Part #: | SKU: MOTmodel-14564

    Employees need to communicate and access information seamlessly in order to work more efficiently and better serve your customers yet they want a device that is every bit as refined and easy-to-use as their own consumer devices. Now, you can give them both with the TC70. Extensions (Mx) turns Android into a true enterprise-class operating system. The rugged design holds up even in the most demanding environments and the TC70 can double as a two-way radio. You can automate the capture of just about any type of business intelligence with the embedded scanner and camera. The full complement of accessories and cutting edge technology will serve your business for years to come, for an unsurpassed return on investment. Better serve your customers in retail, manufacturing, and operations with the TC70. Real competitive advantage delivered.
  3. Motorola EWP3000 Access Point
    Part #: EWP3200TPWR | SKU: MOT206617

  4. Motorola MC9090-G RFID Reader
    Part #: MC9090-GU0HJEQR7US | SKU: MOT86344

    MC9090-Gun RFID Wireless Terminal (SE95, Color, DRM, 64/128MB, 53 key, Windows Mobile 6.1, Bluetooth, US)
  5. Motorola MC9090-G RFID Reader
    Part #: MC9090-GU0HJEQR1ER | SKU: MOT118525

    MC9090-Gun RFID Wireless Terminal (802.11a/b/g, Bluetooth, 1D, Color, 64/128MB, 53 key, Windows Mobile 6.1, Etsi)

5 Item(s)

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