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NiSCA ID Printer and ID Card

Since 1994, NiSCA has led the plastic card industry with reliable card printers that produce the industry's best direct to card 24-bit color and 256-grayscale cards. Today, NiSCA continues that leadership with simple to integrate smart card contact IC and contactless memory encoders as well as industry leading security holography and security inks. NiSCA's reliability and low cost of ownership continues to win numerous driving license authorities, Fortune 1000 companies, as well as colleges and universities.

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  1. NiSCA PR5300 Series ID Card Printer Cleaner
    Part #: PR5500K569 | SKU: NIS129872

    PR5300 Series Accessories, PR53XX Cleaning Input Rollers
    MSRP: $185.00 Price: $50.36
    In Stock
  2. NiSCA PR5300 Series POS Equipment
    Part #: | SKU: NISmodel-10025

    Color and monochrome ribbons, a cleaning kit and blank ID cards.
  3. NiSCA PR-C101 ID Printer
    Part #: PR-C101 | SKU: NIS129853

    Single-Sided Printer, 300 dpi, USB.
  4. NiSCA PR-C101 ID Printer Cleaners
    Part #: PR5500K574KIT | SKU: NIS129873

    Cleaning Kit for (Part# PR-C101) 5 Low -Tack Cards - 1250 prints.
  5. NiSCA PR-C101 Accessory
    Part #: DC-NI-101 | SKU: NIS129796

    PR-C101 Accessories, Printer Dust Cover.
  6. NiSCA PR5300 Series Accessory
    Part #: DC-NI-53 | SKU: NIS129797

    PR5300 Series Accessories, PR53XX Printer Dust Cover
  7. NiSCA PR5350 ID Card Ribbon
    Part #: NGYMCKO3 | SKU: NIS129831

    PR5350, Card Printer Ribbon, 3BP (PR5350 & PR53LE Printers ONLY).
  8. NiSCA PR-C101 Accessory
    Part #: NI-101-SCAB | SKU: NIS129832

    PR-C101 Accessories, Printer Security Cable.
  9. NiSCA ID Card Printer Printhead
    Part #: PR5300HED | SKU: NIS129855

    Replacement printhead.
  10. NiSCA PR5300 Series Accessory
    Part #: PR5302D | SKU: NIS129858

    PR5300 Series Accessories, Laminator/Heat Roller Unit Thinfilm Softcoat/Overlay

1 to 10 of 37 Total

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