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POS-X Card Scanner

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  1. POS-X XM95 Credit Card Reader
    Part #: 944BT070000002 | SKU: POS601891

    The XM95 3-track Magnetic Stripe Reader (MSR) (Old POS-X part number XM95U)
    MSRP: $73.00 Price: $62.41
    In Stock
  2. POS-X XM95 Credit Card Reader
    Part #: | SKU: POSmodel-2106

    The POS-X XM95 3-Track Magnetic Swipe Reader (MSR) is the universal choice for reading magnetically encoded cards. Featuring Plug'n'Play USB and Keyboard wedge (PS/2) interfaces, the XM95 is ready to go out of the box. Smooth Bi-directional operation ensures a high success rate with every swipe.
  3. POS-X Accessory
    Part #: | SKU: POSmodel-2129

    Products and parts from POS-X.
  4. POS-X TP4 TouchPC Tru-Flat POS Touch Terminal
    Part #: | SKU: POSmodel-11348

  5. POS-X EVO-MR4 Credit Card Reader
    Part #: EVO-MR4 | SKU: POS114844

    EVO-MR4, Integrated MSR (3-track) for the EVO TouchPC and Monitor TM4 and TP4
  6. POS-X XM95 Credit Card Reader
    Part #: XM95U | SKU: POS52785

    XM95, USB interface, Black, Keyboard Emulation, Reads tracks 1, 2, and 3. Includes USB cable
  7. POS-X ION MR2 Credit Card Reader
    Part #: ION-MR2 | SKU: POS212134

    ION MR2, ION Integrated MSR, 3-Track for ION TP2 & TM2A
  8. POS-X XM90 Credit Card Reader
    Part #: XM90S | SKU: POS45705

    Xm90, MSR (3-Track and RS-232 Interface)
  9. POS-X XM95 Credit Card Reader
    Part #: XM95K | SKU: POS52784

    XM95, Magnetic Stripe Reader, 3-Track with Keyboard wedge Interface
  10. POS-X XM135U-BIO Credit Card Reader
    Part #: XM135U-BIO | SKU: POS73009

    XM135U-BIO, Xm135 MSR (Integrated 3-Track MSR, USB with Biometric Reader) for AIO Unit

1 to 10 of 24 Total

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