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POS-X Pole Display

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  1. POS-X Xp8200 Customer Display
    Part #: | SKU: POSmodel-2110

    The POS-X Xp8200 Pole Display was designed to blend in beautifully with your POS Station. Beyond its great looks, the lack of dip switches make configuration through the provided software a breeze. Featuring OPOS support and several popular emulations, including Epson, CD-5220, and UTC, the Xp8200 makes a great addition to any POS station. Larger than industry average characters and adjustable height stand round out the Xp8200's features.
  2. POS-X Accessory
    Part #: | SKU: POSmodel-2129

    Products and parts from POS-X.
  3. POS-X TP4 TouchPC Tru-Flat POS Touch Terminal
    Part #: | SKU: POSmodel-11348

  4. POS-X EVO RD4-LCD15 Customer Display
    Part #: | SKU: POSmodel-12874

    The fully integrated EVO-RD4-LCD15 Rear Display was designed to blend in beautifully with your POS Station - seamlessly integrating with the EVO-TM4 and EVO-TP4. The large and vivid screen is sure to leave a lasting impression on customers. Perfect for digital signage or as a secondary monitor.
  5. POS-X ION RD2-VFD Customer Display
    Part #: ION-RD2-VFD | SKU: POS214711

    ION RD2-VFD, ION Integrated Rear VFD Serial, for ION TP2 & TM2
  6. POS-X EVO-RD4-LCD8 Customer/Pole Display
    Part #: EVO-RD4-LCD8 | SKU: POS114845

    EVO-RD4-LCD8, EVO Integrated 8.4 inch LCD Rear Display (Serial) for the TM4 and TP4
  7. POS-X ION Fit Customer Display
    Part #: ION-RD3-LCM | SKU: POS301242

    ION Integrated Rear LCM, USB, for ION TP3 & TM3
  8. POS-X EVO-RD4-VFD Customer Display
    Part #: EVO-RD4-VFD | SKU: POS114846

    EVO-RD4-VFD, VFD integrated rear customer display for the EVO Monitor and TouchPC
  9. POS-X ION Fit Customer/Pole Display
    Part #: ION-RD3-LCD8 | SKU: POS300988

    ION Integrated 8.4" Rear LCD, for ION TP3
  10. POS-X EVO RD4-LCD15 Customer/Pole Display
    Part #: EVO-RD4-LCD15 | SKU: POS184973

    Integrated LCD Customer Display, EVO Integrated 15" LCD Rear Display, Serial

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