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Sony Electronics Surveillance Camera

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  1. Sony Electronics Ipela EX Security Camera
    Part #: | SKU: SONmodel-9295

    The Sony-Electronics Ipela EX includes a full lineup of video encoders designed to meet various system requirements. There's a choice of 1-channel and 4-channel standalone models, as well as 1U and 3U Rack Stations that accept 4-channel blades, all of which can dual-stream H.264/JPEG, H.264/ MPEG-4, or MPEG-4/JPEG video at full 30/25 fps (NTSC/PAL) in up to D1 resolution. These video encoders not only convert analog video signals to a digital video stream for IP-based networks, but also improve the picture quality of the original signals with state-of-the-art image enhancing technology. What's more, the Ipela EX also incorporates advanced security features such as DEPA Advanced intelligent video and audio analytics. The Ipela EX is the ideal choice when migrating from an existing analog camera system to an IP-based monitoring system with intelligence technology, even in the most demanding application environments, such as education, transportation, factories, health care facilities, public venues, and airports.
  2. Sony Electronics Ipela EX Security Camera
    Part #: SNCVM630 | SKU: SON208783

    Price: $1,082.00
  3. Sony Electronics Security Camera
    Part #: SNCEB630B | SKU: SON228440

    Price: $410.00
  4. Sony Electronics Security Camera
    Part #: SNCDH110/W | SKU: SON408910

    Price: $340.00
  5. Sony Electronics Ipela EX Security Camera
    Part #: SNCVB600 | SKU: SON208776

    HD Fixed IPELA EX 720P 60FPS Edge Storage Easy Focus POE

6 Item(s)

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